South Garfield Ave, Traverse City Michigan 49696

As a Psychic, Medium and Tarot Card Reader, I know first-hand that my services are in high demand for entertainment purposes. I often find myself as the main attraction at events, sparking curiosity and conversation among guests.

What’s even more exciting is that my services are no longer limited to Halloween events. More and more people, businesses and event coordinators are seeking out spiritual vendors to add an extra element of excitement to their functions.

If you’re interested in offering Readings to your guests, I would be thrilled to provide short but meaningful Psychic, Medium and/or Tarot Card Readings.

I’ve had the pleasure of doing so at small and large gatherings throughout Michigan, including at Ladies Night Out in Traverse City and Petoskey, Witches Night Out in Lewiston Michigan. As well as Corporate events in Grand Rapids, family reunions at campgrounds, girls weekends at hotels, Birthday parties in-homes and Airbnbs though-out Michigan. Through these experiences, I’ve developed a tailored approach to ensure everyone enjoys and succeeds in their Reading.

For Larger Events

I may suggest using a sign-up sheet to schedule Readings ahead of time. This allows guests to mingle and enjoy the event without having to wait in line.

Upon request, I can also provide fun activities for guests to do on their own, such as “pick an Oracle card for a massage” or “try a pendulum.” I can even dress up in a gypsy/fortune-teller costume to add to the ambiance of the event.