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Ceremonies often play an integral part in our lives; whatever the occasion, be they joyous such as weddings or a sending off such as funerals, no matter the occasion, a ceremony is never complete without invoking Blessings from On High, thus, we often seek someone like an Ordained Minister to perform the holy rituals and spiritualize the event.

I am non-denominational, located in Traverse City, Michigan.

My credentials as make me perfectly eligible to conduct various religious and non-religious ceremonies in honor of your event and personal beliefs.


Although I am a Christian by birth and was raised as such, I have never really felt limited to any one religion in particular. It is not about which religion I belong to that matters to me, but the Teachings and Principles, based on the Universal Truths passed down by the great prophets of different religions texts that resonate with me.

In this way I’ve always been drawn to ancient texts and the idea of being Ordained but, it took me a few years of pursuing and applying Advanced Metaphysical Studies at The Temple Within School of Sacred Studies, before I felt the time was really right to commit to being Ordained under the guidance of my Mentors.

As such, I studied World Religions for the better part of a year though The Sacred Cup School of Divinity and Ordination, under the umbrella of The Universal Life Church and whose mantra is “We Are One”. The amazing fact is that I had this very same mantra and logo minimally tattooed many years prior; further validating this path.

This institute allows people the freedom to have their own Ministry with dignity, humanity and the right to be sacred. Thus, honoring me with the title Reverend Holly Donner in a beautiful and personal Ceremony, conducted in Michigan. With this, I was also bestowed with the title “Mystic Seer”, which qualifies me to practice as a Universalist (or non-denominational) Minister of Metaphysics, where I can help people see through the beliefs and paradoxical ideologies of the world that are no longer serving them and create the space of “I am” instead of “I belong to” without renouncing their religion of birth or youth.

Ceremonies can still embody the essence all of those Divine things and whatever resonates with you, your spouse and family, inter-faith and various other sentiments.

Due to lack of proper spiritual guidance and counseling people often succumb to whatever a Minister recommends; but my job is to co-create a loving ceremony with you and hold space that promotes healing.

As an officiating Ordained Minister I have the power to conduct various ceremonies and perform rituals, whether it be a baby naming ceremony to welcome a child into the world, a marriage ceremony, comforting the sick and the dying, or honoring the lost at funerals.

As a psychic medium I am intuitively empathic to the surrounding energies. When it comes to families, I can sense the overall dynamics or personality of the couple and deceased loved ones that cannot attend the wedding physically. This is very personal, designed to reflect the personality of the couple, their backgrounds and the essence of your vision for the future.

Moreover, as a Universalist, my flexibility allows me to personalize the ceremonies by intuitively sensing the sentiments of the family concerned, thus striking a rapport with them in all confidentiality, integrity and trust. On account of my neutral perception towards any one religion, I take the responsibility of incorporating other physical and spiritual rites, which may be religious or non-religious, depending upon your preferences. Blessings, Prayers, Readings, herbs, sounds, essential-oils or Holy Water are some of the sacraments which I offer to help empower the ceremonies.

With respect to clothing, I am not restricted to wearing ceremonial robes at the time of offering various services. I am at liberty to be attired as per your preference: which means I can wear a Vestment, a stole around my shoulders or just present myself in civil clothes.

Below is a list of some of the Services offered by me.


  • Renewal of Vows
  • Officiating Weddings
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Budget Wedding Elopements 
  • Spiritual Marriage Ceremonies like Partnership Rites and Hand-Fasting


  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Baptisms (Any Age, Living or Departed)
  • Baby Naming & Christening Ceremonies


  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Baptisms (Any Age, Living or Departed)
  • Baby Naming & Christening Ceremonies


  • Bereavement Counseling 
  • Hospice and Transitional Support
  • Writing and Delivering Customized Funeral Sermons

Please send me an email or text to arrange a time to discuss your needs and wishes concerning your ceremony.