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Street life.


Toxic love.

The layers and complexities of Addictarium will jolt and enthrall you…

When wild-child, and south Florida escapee, Danielle Martino finds herself curled in a ball on the cold tile floors of her filthy standing toilet in the tiny studio she rents with her fiancé and partner-in-crime, she knows it’s time to quit abusing heroin. Severely impaired from shooting a poor batch of black tar heroin, and already partially blind from the infection that the muddy poison has caused, she’s forced to hitch a greyhound bus into New York City, and to depart her care-free, American-bohemian, drug infested life-style.

Addictarium is a story which most of us don’t wish to understand, or hear about.

Nonetheless, it’s also a reality.

Inside The Human Mind, Body & Soul Of Addiction; Addictarium Synopsis & ReviewThis publication portrays of the struggle between an addict’s life and her environment.

It’s raw, It’s real, It’s gritty – It shakes the very core of your being.

Nicole has written the story in a really realistic fashion, her daily wants, her continuous struggle to prevent her dependence, her relapse, her hitting the base of the barrel, her appearing at passing, and then the kick of her basic survival instinct to live and her trip towards her liberty.

Every person’s struggle is different, every person’s awakening is, as well. The writer is extremely gifted, she’s also written her own poetry that clarifies Danielle’s enthusiasm and determination to fight her addiction.

Every household has shame and secrets we do not wish to acknowledge. Substance & Alcohol Abuse, Psychological Illness and Abuse, are all activities and behaviors which show life’s shadow side effecting men and women that are a part of many households in America.

This book informs us about dependence, abuse and pursuing the happiness most of us believe we deserve, even though it does not always happen. 

The users and fellow abusers, the helpers and the punitive, all men and women have important stories to share, including Danielle’s raw and nude portrayal of a female on the edge of living or overdosing is an essential read and regrettably, all too prevalent in our society now.Inside The Human Mind, Body & Soul Of Addiction; Addictarium Synopsis & Review

Nicole D’Settēmi is a 34 year old author, currently residing in upstate New York. She’s lived in five regions such as South Florida and New York City. She’s always been a self-described “poetic, nomadic, creative soul,” and can be an enthusiast of various artistic mediums, but believes writing her number a form of artwork, and feels all else is just an extension of this fire and creative outlet.

Nicole was increased in Niagara Falls, a very small city bordering Canada, and may recall being as young as six, when composing her first lyrical, and philosophical poems. She also points out being chosen in 6, for its “Young Authors Club,” that was a city-wide job, also won a few city-wide essay competitions between the ages 9-11, that was once she obtained her very first sentence processor, after which typewriter. By 12 she began newsletter and a fan-club for her childhood hero, in addition to letters to 30 pen-pals worldwide. She also had a poem called “And So It Begins” printed which was composed at 12.

Though Nicole (who had been an honor student) rebelled by 15, and has been incidentally expelled from college, she still composed routinely. She once showed her “alternative-school” instructor a poem titled: “That’s Life,” that she composed at 14. He was impressed he had it faxed to each school.

At 16, Nicole was uprooted from her little town and moved to Boca Raton, where she felt displaced and began to take care of depression. Hereditarily, chemical abuse and mental illness conducted rampant also with plenty of chemical compounds she experimented from 20. By 23, she became hooked on shooting heroin, and has been engaged for partner-in-crime and her co-conspirator. She attended an art school but withdrew to injecting drugs because of a dependency.

Addictarium was composed while she spent two decades at a therapeutic community for severely hooked, and emotionally sick, and patrons. The publication outlines a number of the experiences she went through at the next phase of therapy, which she dubbed “the village,” due to its intense and bizarre melting pot of characters.

During her tenure at Daytop, Nicole split with her fiancé, also while at her remain in the restoration schedule at Queens New York, fulfilled with her current fiancé, that had been originally her substance abuse counselor. The publication is also reflective of its origins and the connection. Nicole credits the Latin, Brooklyn-bred counselor, 18 years her senior, with “saving her from herself.”

Nicole is now found residing in the Poughkeepsie area together with her fiancé, Miguel. They are both artists, and also run a side business that is small assisting those needing artistic leadership digitally. Nicole will pencil a prequel into Addictarium, and outlining a third man book, Narcssitopia, which she claims will likely probably be a “psycho-dramatic thriller.”