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Career Success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Career success depends on many critical factors. One of them is the success of your job search. But that’s part of a larger career success strategy. In short, your career must be treated as a major investment.

Investors are advised to diversify. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The same thing applies to your career. The more options you have, the opportunities for success!

For example, we usually think of ourselves as having one career. But changes in the 21st Century job marketplace require us to change our thinking. Experts are advising that we must become multi-careered in order to make the amazing diversity in job expectations work to our advantage.

Imagine finding out that you’re equipped and ready to be successful in a variety of career ventures. You wouldn’t think of jeopardizing your livelihood or dreams by limiting your self-perception to one track . . . one ladder. This is called vertical thinking. If you’re involved in a job search, this is a good time to do some rethinking.

A starting point for viewing a modern career success is to see your progress as part of a whole fabric. Whether we like it or not, what we do for a living is bound up with all other facets of our lives.

If you don’t believe that, look at what happens to families when individual members are out of work. Even the threat of losing a job can hit us like a dreaded disease, especially if others are dependent on our ability to produce income.

That means career success means revising our vertical way of thinking. In other words, thinking horizontally . . . building and maintaining a carefully managed portfolio of career options is like an insurance policy. The portfolio covers you for job loss, finding a new job, plateaued career, job dissatisfaction and hopelessness.

It’s like money in the bank. It’s Plan B — a carefully thought-out fall-back position. It’s like an emergency generator in a blackout that can kick in and quickly provide direction and pathways when we need them most.

Furthermore, if it’s done right, a portfolio of career options integrates all facets of our life because it requires us to routinely review all our strengths and weaknesses. This kind of healthy job search and career philosophy allows us to maximize every talent, energy and resource. It’s the ultimate success guarantee!

So, take a long hard look at your career success plans. If they don’t include a solid, well-thought-out portfolio of career options, maybe this is the time to lock up your future!