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Cinsey Rechargeable Waterproof Electric Callus Remover At-Home Pedicure ReviewHaving dead skin on your feet is a common annoyance for most people.

Personally, I’ve been embarrassed by it a few times and with the Summer here, opted to join the large number of people that make some effort to do self pedicures at home.

The market is full of many foot care products but, only some of them prove to be effective quality when it comes to removing callus, thats why I research most purchases before making them and ultimately treated myself with this attractive Electric Callus Remover by Cinsey, a Rechargeable Waterproof Pedicure Tool Foot File for Hard, Dead & Callused Skin which I found on [easyazon_link identifier=”B07DGS6GXF” locale=”US” tag=”atr021-20″]Amazon[/easyazon_link].



What Makes It Special

  • This is one of the best callus removers that I have ever come across. It is perhaps the most effective one against the eternal battle between baby soft feet and dead callus. Its LED lights make it easier to remove any traces of calluses, leaving behind soft, smooth and silky feet which are a dream of every person.


  • To further to top it off, the 360 Degree rotator makes the cleansing process a relaxation time. It smoothly massages the points on feet and relaxes the tensed muscles and removes the calluses completely, without pain.


  • It is a time saving innovation that cuts down on the time that is usually invested in removing these thick layers of calluses, especially manually with other products. Hence, it also saves time which can be invested in something productive. As long as you don’t leave it running on the same area for too long, it is a painless and cost-effective way of getting rid of calluses. Especially seeing that the cost of this pedicure tool is less than getting a pedicure locally and takes less time as well.

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  • You can visually see that it removes calluses quickly and so is a must have for the busy people who cannot afford to spend hours in parlors just for their feet. I even use it while listening to songs, watching TV and reading books; making the experience private and tailored to when I want to enjoy sexy smooth skin, like before heading to the beach.


  • It is also waterproof and this helps makes it long-lasting and usable after softening your feet in the shower or bath.


  • Since it is charged electrically you have uninterrupted use of the remover without the hassle of its battery being drained or discharged and so it can easily be used anywhere and anytime.


  • It is portable. It can be used anywhere and anytime and is small enough to easily be stored in bags so, it can easily be taken on a trip.