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The best thing that you can do to grow your psychic business in terms of branding, increased clientele, increased income from ad links, and a higher level of income is to have rave reviews from satisfied and ecstatic clients. Business analysts have shown that client reviews are the most powerful tool to grow your business. The clients become unpaid salespeople that not only sell on your web site and social media but sell for you on their own social media sites as well.

With WordPress Customer Reviews you can manually add the reviews you’ve collected from previous clients on other sites. You can also insert your reviews page URL into your auto send feedback email though Simplybook.me after an appointment. Clients like that they don’t have to login and can remain on a first name bases, unlike Simplybook.me’s review system that requires Facebook login. I suggest this method altogether instead.

With WordPress Customer Reviews you retain absolute control of the contents of your customer reviews page. You can approve or decline any review, modify text errors and even leave a reply. If a client gives you a great review but accidentally selected one star you can change it to five.

Using the WordPress customer reviews plug-in makes the process simple and gives you all the information that you need to track the review data that you get in a meaningful manner that helps you grow your business. All you have to do to get started with the WordPress customer review tool is to opt in for using the plug-in during your installation of WordPress.

The appearance of the review page can be modified so that the review page is attractive and consistent with the theme of your web site. The review page can be a standalone page or can appear as a widget on any page of your site, like under your Simplybook.me widget.

You can customize the fields in the WordPress customer review plug-in to collect as much or as little information as you feel your customers are comfortable with. The more information that you collect increases your ability to target markets and analyze demographics to increase your income. You can add fields that the plug-in does not have resident, like “Reader” if you have more than one.

The WordPress customer review plug-in provides high levels of security for your clients and your websites. Spam blocking is automatic. The program automatically detects spam bots and eliminates their posts as well as preventing the bots for accessing your customer review page again. You save time and money by not having to delete spam and your clients have a much more pleasant review experience.

The idea is to keep your reviews current and positive so you make more money and get more clients. The program automatically validates all links.

You can analyze the results of your WordPress customer reviews in multiple manners. The program supports the familiar five-star rating method. You can sort results by location, star rating, and frequency of posts. This flexibility lets you be a better businessperson. You can also learn what posts you made received the best reviews and tailor you future posts to create the best possible impression for your psychic business.

The advantages of the WordPress customer review plug-in are increased income, a free sales team, protection from spam and trolls, and a simplified method of using reviews to grow your business.

Excerpt From The Complete Guide To Building Your Online Psychic Business Using WordPress

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