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Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser Benefits & Review Of Utama Spice Danau SatuLike most light workers with a sacred space for to see clients, I want to have nice things that benefit everyone that comes though my doors and creates a welcoming atmosphere; and after more than one incident spilling water out of my essential oil diffuser and personally knowing the hassle of having to clean slimy aromatherapy humidifiers; I opted to invest in Utama Spice’s Danau Satu deluxe nebulizer; because, unlike candles, aroma lamps or a conventional ultra-sonic essential oil diffusers, a nebulizing diffuser atomizes the essential oils and further diffuses the fragrance into the atmosphere.

With only a small amount of essential oils needed, I treated myself to ordering several samples of premium oils (Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Rosemary, Lavender etc.) recommend for private practices ranging from psychotherapy to spiritual readings.

In addition to adding a sweet aroma to the room, this nebulizing diffuser delivers a variety of advantages – minus the harsh compounds of synthetic air fresheners; which has the potential to harm someone’s wellness and, if you rent an office like I do, you can’t burn candles or sage (but, clary sage will do).

Some believe this is why a nebulizing diffuser is your optimal option, since it will not change the chemical mix of the oils. It breaks the oil molecules without any disturbance in the composition, making a particle size small and easily absorbed.

Other Advantages Of A Nebulizing Diffuser

1. Purifying the atmosphere

Unlike many plug-ins and refreshing air sprays, essential oils do not let unsafe chemicals reside in the atmosphere; they play a significant role in purifying it. They are a great deal safer compared to burning candles or incense, particularly in the case that you’ve got pets or small children, you can quickly reap the benefits of aromatherapy without any danger of a wax spill or a burn.

Certain essential oils can be used in a diffuser to boost their anti-microbial effects since they aid kill parasites and germs which are found, especially when using oils such as: cinnamon, oregano, clove bud, and thyme, that are regarded as the most powerful & best antibiotic oils.

2. Lessening Dust

Lowering the dust in your house may easily be the one essential thing that you can do to restrain allergens. Mainly because dirt is tacky, so it inclines to bring and maintain objects such as pet dander and hair, mold and mildew, dust mites. For people suffering from problems like allergies, these maybe a huge issue.

A nebulizing diffuser can help decrease dust from the atmosphere, due to the ionizing effects – like that of Himalayan Salt Lamps. The atmosphere quality is significantly improved as bad ions have been released into the atmosphere. The bad ions attach themselves to specific positive ions, inducing dirt to collapse to the ground so that the air is freer from pollution. You may find yourself breathing better and notice the air taste cleaner.

3. A much better night’s Rest

Improper sleep is still quite a huge issue for lots of individuals. The good news is that if you are one of these people who don’t sleep effectively, using a nebulizing diffuser can bring a dramatic change in your quality of rest. The most useful essential oils for sleep include lavender, cedar-wood, Roman chamomile, bergamot, ylang-ylang and sandalwood.

4. Increase your Disposition

As a diffuser can let you unwind into a far better night’s sleep, it can also be used to enhance your mood. Diffusing essential oils is not only a fantastic option when you are feeling depressed or sad; it can encourage strong spirits during holidays, establish an favorable mood for social gatherings or simply assist you to begin each morning.

5. Keeping disease from Increasing

Utilizing a nebulizing diffuser at any workplace, or in a house, can be a superior approach to continue to keep influenza, colds, and other disorders away. That is because many essential oils (for example lemon, peppermint, lavender, valor, and thieves (a blend of cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus lemon, and rosemary oils) offer you strong antimicrobials, which is discharged into the atmosphere and can get in touch with the pathogens that are airborne, treating them before they treat you.

Can The Danau Satu Nebulizer Do All The Above?

In my option, Danau Satu Nebulizing Diffuser from Utama Spice supplies the best dispersal along with a comprehensive representation of the pure aroma, as well as the curative attributes of 100 percent pure, natural essential oils available to buy. This exceptional device is silent, requires no heat, does not need the water, and makes no mess.

Utilizing just a small pressurized atmosphere and an attachment of fine hand-blown pyrex glass, paired using a tasteful hand-made hardwood foundation, this nebulizing essential oil diffuser could be the optimal option for anyone who would like to experience complete wellness though pure essential oils.

Not like the large selection of warmed components and a significant number of humidifier diffusers made of cheap plastic that clutter the industry now, the Danau Satu has no requirement to heat the oils and also no need to add the water; instead it operates through the use of what’s called the Bernoulli principle, also a theorem of fluid-dynamics which gives the most useful consequences while diffusing pure essential oil.

How Nebulizing Diffusers Works 

How Nebulizing Diffusers Works 

1. Once an air current is pressured through a little tube, then the speed is raised as the strain in the departing point is significantly reduced.

2. That gap in strain makes a type of suction system which leads to the essential oils in just another glass tubing to come upwards.

3. While the essential oil increases, it has been hit by a stream of pressurized air also makes it atomize to micro-particles which can fill a reservoir made up of glass.

4. For a time such tiny particles come upwards within the glass reservoir and also, therefore, are thrown out from the glass cap as a (waterless) mist that’s discharged into the atmosphere.

5. The rest of the particles of the essential oil reunite towards the base of the diffuser, and that will replicate.

Additionally, no heating is necessary, or so the chemical composition of this essential oil isn’t changed. Moreover, since the diffuser employs glass, the essential oil never comes in touch with plastic. The contaminants of the essential oil hit you into their normal condition and supply you with most of their initial curative added benefits.

The Danau Satu Compared To Others…

Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser Compared To Others

Let us discuss a number of those alternative options:

  • Ultrasonic diffusers use water to lift the essential oils into the atmosphere. The oil can damage the plastic diffuser and the added water usually means that your house is stuffed up with humidity! Besides, the emitted scent is weaker as it is diluted in water.
  • Oil lamps are both dangerous and cluttered, works exactly like a lamp that burns with kerosene. It can burn flammable chemicals and entirely changes their molecular structure. Sure it still smells okay. However, that is about that. And it’s a lot more harmful.
  • Candle diffusers need heat to work, meaning your essential oils have been diminished in grade due to the burning which causes changes in the molecule of the oil.
  • Aroma heaters need heating components to evaporate a blend of water and oil steadily.

The Advantages of Danau Satu Essential Oil Diffuser

• It provides widespread and complete dispersal of essential oils on a big area.

• Unbelievably silent. Therefore that it does not interrupt play, work, or even sleeping it merely enriches it

• Completely non-toxic, will not off-gas, does not contain plastic.

• The essential oil isn’t diluted, this usually means that you obtain just highly effective, pristine odor.

• High quality and trusted, can endure for several years in future

• It offers the whole therapeutic worth of essential oils for your personal or professional requirements.

• Tends not to add humidity or moisture into the atmosphere.


In summary, you receive each of the enormous benefits without any of the hassles, risks or dangers which other diffusing could contribute to and is indeed a an attractive, low maintenance option for your studio, practice, home or gift for the essential oil enthusiast in your life.

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