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What Direct Selling Or Affiliate Programs Will Be Successful Enough To Replace My Job?I want to switch to contracted affiliate jobs. I am considering a natural beauty product and supplement program or gift basket affiliate (compliment wreaths?) Strangers compliment me on looking young when selling front door wreaths so, I want to work with this.

Can you see which type of direct selling or affiliate programs I can work each week to replace my job and be successful?

I’m starting a craft business. I signed up for a business coaching and creation lessons. Can you see what can help my personal confidence?

Can you see any other talents I can work on that will help me support my household?

Thank You For Your Question…


To start I would say that a part of your personality and what will make you happy in life is being of service to others.

Applying this to an affiliate program I would foremost suggest selling something that you use, that you stand behind. I feel you will be most confident when your promoting a product that helps you and you believe will help others because you will then be excited to tell others and share this discovery with them.

This can be wreaths, perhaps they are a center piece on the table or door. Either way, they make your home feel fresh, more welcoming to you and more inviting to others, help start conversations and get complements from neighbors. For most the harmonious or social aspect is important and thus, you are serving them.

Gift baskets are thought of to be more seasonal and thus, have more limitations or are harder to sell year round. I would suggest this item be a choice saved for peak times or as an up-sale.

The same service to others theme can also be applied to natural beauty products and supplements; I know when I buy make-up I want it to be natural and I want someone that knows what they’re doing to select the best items for me, and I have yet to find someone in store that offers natural options. A lot of people want to look their best because than they feel their best and they don’t want to worry about what might be seeping into their body. This is a good local and online item because you can make videos for make-up tutorials, skin care etc. and/or do in-person consulting to customize the experience.

Good supplements that you can feel the difference from are also hard to find, it takes trial and error and usually comes from a recommendation but once you find a brand that works for you, you stick with it. 

Another advantage you have going for you is your compassion, you find people just open up to you and you’re a good listener that finds ways to relate. You quickly become a trusted confidant but, you are strong enough to find nice, assertive ways to get out of situations when people keep talking. When people feel heard, trust you and like your product/s they will become repeat buyers and this is important, especially if the item can be found online for less.

Either way, to support yourself as an affiliate my feeling is that more work will be required.

What I mean by this is I feel if you sell locally you should have business cards, go door to door, host wreath making classes, collect addresses to send reminders, advertisements or notices of new products/designs and perhaps even photo flyers you place on people’s cars, something personally creating a connection to you with a call to action to contact you to learn more.

If you choose to focus online than as you mentioned a following will be required and to find buyers, you will need to make YouTube videos and ideally have SEO content, like article reviews, interviews and guest post published on high PR sites (like Hubpages) pointing to your item/shop (ideally with your video embedded).

In terms of your confidence, I feel a couple or sales and subsequent referrals will get you there, I don’t feel you have a confidence issues, this is just a newer experience and the anticipation of all the possibilities make you feel you might be unprepared but, I’m sure you will feel more at ease quite quickly.

My impression is your product will determine if you should focus online or locally to start. If you want to make and sell wreaths, then I feel going door to door with photos of your standard designs (in smaller in-door and larger outdoor options) and offering customization (to match décor via flower colors/ornaments) is your path of least resistance and quickest, most lucrative option as you can charge hundreds and up-sell add-ons. I feel you can make good money doing this in high-end neighborhoods and build a yearly client base that expands to special events and move into online sales as well.

Online is the more complex option as getting found and building a following means having more competition, needing fresh, quality, ongoing content focused around easy to rank for keywords published on high PR (popular) sites. This is time consuming and can get expensive. Ideally, I would advise starting locally with custom, made to order wreaths in wealthy neighborhoods and then expanding your online presence as you establish yourself.

Love To You, Holly Joy