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how to guide I disable alien implantsAs humans I believe our experiences are co-created by the higher aspects of ourselves. With that being said, some of us choose on a soul level for many reasons to have a variety of interactions with other biological or inter-dimensional races. This can be difficult depending on what type of beings your connected with; defined in two categories: as “positive” entities that don’t infringe upon our freewill or as “negative” entities because they do. 

Either way, you still have the freewill to choose to seek more information and this may even be prompted by consciously remembering all or some of your experiences. 

Guide To Disable Implants

This instruction guide below was provided by a “positive” ET and channeled though a loving friend of mine with the intention of informing others on how to deactivate “alien” implants based on its location and provides other options if you’re unsure where the implant has been placed. 

You will need some materials that may or may not already be in your home, please see instructions to your specific circumstances and read the details thoroughly before you start assembling your device. 

disable alien implants in earImplants Located In The Ear

You Will Need:

One 9 volt battery

Two strong magnets

Copper wire





How To Disable Implants In The Ear
  1. You will need copper wire to be wrapped around, or touching both of the magnets. 
  2. You will need to put one magnet on each side of your ear that the implant is in, so that a positive and negative charge is going through the ear structure. 
  3. You will need to use the other tips of the copper wire to connect to the 9 volt battery. This will not shock or hurt you.
  4. You connect the Positive and Negative to the of the copper that surrounds the magnet. This will put a small electrical pulse through the magnet, this creates a disturbance that will overload the implant and destroy the working abilities of it. 

how to disable alien implants in bodyDisabling Implants In The Neck or Body

You Will Need:

Copper Wire

Several Magnets

2 Nine Volt Batteries For Neck/Arm/Leg/Ankle

4 Nine Volt Batteries For Body/Chest/Waist




How To Disable Implants In The Neck or Body

You will be making a device that looks like a necklace or a strap and will wrap this around where the implant is located. 

  1. There is a way that you can take very powerful magnets that are of the same polarities, you will need enough to connect around the area where the implant is located.
  2. You will use either the positive or negative side of the magnet, you will make them into a strap of some kind, connecting the series of magnets all together (like a necklace) with copper wire or having copper wire touch all of the magnets.
  3. They all have to have a connection via the copper wiring, otherwise, this will not work. The copper wire has to touch every magnet, so that the energy goes through all of them. You can use an electrical tester to ensure every connection is made.
  4. If you are using this on the neck or a large area you will want to use two 9 volt batteries with one on each side to run this though. 
  5. You will need to use the other tips of the copper wire to connect to the 9 volt battery. This will not shock or hurt you.
  6. You connect the Positive and Negative to the of the copper that surrounds the magnet. This will put a small electrical pulse through the magnet, this creates a disturbance that will overload the implant and destroy the working abilities of it. 
Disabling Larger Implants In The Body: Chest, Waist or Thigh 

Use Large magnets around the body, if you are going around the body you should use 3-4 nine volt batteries. This does not take much electrical connection, just enough to go through the field of magnetism. 

How To Disable Alien Implants In Unknown Locations

disable alien implants
Whole Body Deactivation:
1st Method – Is to go through a MRI machine, like at a hospital. If you do not have access to an MRI machine but have medical insurance this is how to get a scan. You will need to go to the ER and say that you are in extreme pain. You will say this comes from back damage. You will need to display sweat and heavy sporadic breathing, as well as facial expressions of pain, this shows consistency with physical pain. The doctor will likely give you an x-ray, that will show nothing so, they will believe you have a soft tissue injury. As a result you should then be sent to the MRI machine, that will deactivate the device.

If you do not medical insurance and cannot afford the above there is one other way.

2nd Method – In some areas there are museums that hold demonstrations or have displays on electromagnetic energy. These displays have large magnets with electricity in them. The display is used to show what the force field would look like. They do this by putting particles into it (such as smoke). You will want to stand as close to this display as possible, or in between the two magnets if the demonstration allows so.

Reader Questions & Answers

  • How Can I Find Where An Implant Is Located?

Some of my clients have put a strong magnet over their skin around the areas they think an implant may be and noticed an area of their skin starts the turn red, they feel a tingling sensation or a tug/pull to the surface, indicating a more precise location. Also, dental x-rays may point out some abnormalities so, you may want to spend some time looking at those in comparison to any work you’ve had done or consult a Dentist whom can validate these things. 

  • How Do I Connect The Copper Wire To The Battery?

If you are using 9 volt batteries, you can just wrap the copper wire. Other options would be adhering it with electrical tape or glue.

  • How Long Do I Have To Wear The Piece I Make For & How Many Times To Insure The Implants Are Deactivated?

The pulse is nearly instantaneous thus, a few seconds to run the current during one use should cause deactivation.

  • I’m trying to make the necklace with the round magnets you listed but I’m not sure how close they have to be from each other. If you could tell me how much distance you think appropriate that would be very helpful.

Disable Foreign, Abduction, ET, Alien Implants I How To GuideI’m going to try and get some better illustrations made but, to reference the idea of a necklace, the battery causes electrons to flow though the copper wire in the direction of the red arrows. Adding magnets will expand this field and make the pulse required to inactivate the implant. Ideally, to cover the entire mass of your neck you would add a 2nd battery connection so there is one battery on the bottom as shown plus on the top with magnets as close together as possible in between.

The amount of magnets required depends on their size, strength and the implants location. Either way, you can work with what you have. If you have enough to connect magnets close together throughout, great. If not than, split the amount of magnets between the left and right sides. This way you can rotate the necklace around your neck and if you don’t know the location can move the necklace up in increments as well.

In Theory, making an Electromagnetic Train like this could work as well, granted the implant is close to surface skin and the battery and magnets are powerful. It would be easier to wrap around your neck or body too. However, instead of a AA, i’d suggest a protected, rechargeable battery like an 18650 used in e-cigs. 


  • Do You Offer Healing Services For a Person With Multiple Implants In The Whole Body And/Or A Reading That Can Tell Me Where They Are Located?

I have given Readings to confirm implants and there locations, more so, I’ve had clients interested in understanding the spiritual complexities involved, whom they are connected to, what they are to learn, any karmic ties and have helped facilitate healing but, I always tell people they can inform the divine intelligence within their bodies themselves and deactivate implants though intent. One way you might do this is visualize inside your body and see any implants shutting down as you affirm the following:

“I call to the divine intelligence within any parts of my body connected to foreign objects. I instruct you now to deactivate them and make me healthy, nourished, balanced and as whole as I was before them.

Please Note: This post is for informational proposes only and ATRpsychics takes no responsibility for any outcome resulting from this information.