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What Should I Do To Increase Sales On My  E-Commerce Tech Business Website start-up?

What should I do to expedite sales for my new e-commerce tech website business start-up and when should I see success in the near future?

Firstly, starting your own e-commerce business is hard work so I applaud you for this. I imagine the whole process of planning your niche, getting funding from www.onrampfunds.com, designing the site, and trying to attract your first customers, etc. was a long and tiring one so congratulations on getting through it. Now, I do feel like there are some improvements that could be made. I don’t know if you might need help from the best PEO companies in California to increase your business revenue, or, if you need something else help wise to compliment your business visually. I guess I’ll have to take a closer look.

Visually, looking at your website, the first thing I notice (on 27′ Mac/Chrome) is that your responsive page has to be adjusted quite large for your menu text to all align at the top and not overlap, so I would suggest either making that text smaller or adding a secondary menu.

Moving onto what’s “trending”, perhaps it’s just me but I see no images above these text descriptions on the home page, individual or item pages. If this is an error, I’d look into why your images are not loading across browsers and if not, I assume you will have images connected to every item as people simply want to see what catches their eye and price range and click on it.

I also feel adding a couple more “sale” items closer to the top (within the first two rows) on the homepage and having a page dedicated to sales would be helpful. You have many expensive items and even a small price drop can encourage the idea they’re saving money. You could look at this as an example of the kind of discounts people look for. You could host discount codes on external sites like the example linked though many e-commerce stores starting out prefer to host discounts on the website directly. Be careful not to undervalue yourself and your products too much. I see that too many sales and price drops will make people think less of you and expect you to always provide at a discount which can harm your business.

I would also suggest a reviews page, ideally connected to Facebook or a system that verifies people are real to further ensure your business can be trusted, especially with expensive items. You might need to look into some verified it security consulting to ensure your business can really be trusted because if anything goes wrong in that sector it builds you a bad reputation that is really difficult to shake off.

I also don’t see any pages that talk about shipping, location, returns etc. I would suggest a footer menu for these things. It would also add more credibility to publish a phone number for customer support. If you don’t want to add your own, you can use Google Voice to set-up a separate phone number and voicemail though your service provider and optionally have it re-direct to your phone.

I also see several brand logo’s on your homepage, saying you were featured on Forbes etc. These are high PR ranking pages thus, I would suggest you link to them and ideally to any pages/articles on these sites that mention you. This also adds to your credibility.

At this point, I feel your business is still very new, and that you are approaching the more critical stages of building your foundation i.e. brand presence (social media), backlinks, indexing etc. I know I went through a lot of options trying to do these things so, as far as managing and consoliating, I would suggest you consider looking into having someone on Fiverr make your social media pages and then link them to blog2social and then share your item pages across platforms to build backlinks and get more traffic. If you wanted to create a blog without writing the text, you could also look into auto blogging or a spinning program like WordAI and use the trial period to spin content around your product keywords so you have unique articles of interest to share and rank in search results.

In terms of the path of least resistance when it comes to finding buyers, I feel your best option is to connect with popular tech blogs that already rank high in search engines and have a large following and see how you can work with them, perhaps they have a blog reviewing iphones and you see if one of those phone models can link to your product page. Also see about guest posting articles on other tech sites with a links to a product on yours. Another option would be to reach out to popular Youtubers and see about exchanging or offering a highly discounted product in exchange for a video review of that item, mentioning it came from your website and pointing to it. Alternatively, you could start your own Youtube channel but this would require more personal investment and management.

I feel that you can and will get a lot done over the next few months to expedite sales but in terms of seeing success in the near future, I’m drawn to early November, I feel you can and will really capitalize as we get closer to the Holidays and these sales will get the ball rolling.

The biggest overall message is again, about credibility so, I’d say your top priority is to get your business connected to others online that can legitimize it and refer their audience to you.

Love to you, Holly Joy