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Means Of Divination Emilie Moe Video Interview Transcription

Holly Joy: Welcome, to Across the Realms Psychic Talk TV Interviews. I am your host Holly Joy. Today, we are here with Emilie Moe of EmilieMoe.com, she is a certified psychic and professional tarot card reader. Welcome Emilie.

Emilie Moe: Hi. Good evening, thank you for having me on the show. I am really excited about tonight.

Holly Joy: Yeah, me too. Thanks for coming. So, to get started, can you give us a little bit of background of how you found your calling and what your calling is?

Emilie Moe: How did I find my calling? Well, I was 11 years old when I was introduced to divination, my mother’s friend… I’m Porto Rican, so in our culture, I guess it’s tradition to read the coffee cup, that’s what people read. My mother’s friend came over to our house, she’s an elder, she was reading… She tried to have my mother read the coffee cup, cause that’s what she does, and my mother couldn’t read it so she said ‘’Come over here nina!’’, she used nina, that means a little girl, “Read this for me.’’. I was like, “I don’t read that’’. She said, ‘’Don’t worry, just tell me what you see.’’, and I did. I would just, I looked at it like a story, much as how we do, it’s about, it looks like a play to me. And I was just reading the images and when I said it, she said I was right. From that point, she kept coming over, more of my mother friends, of course, became coming over and I got into tarot and I started to get more connected into my spirit guides. I started to learn what being psychic was.

But, you know, you are born this way. A psychic… I feel that everyone really is a psychic, it’s a muscle and just like any other muscle, it needs to be trained and when you train at it, you just get better, you know, as the years progress.

So, at 11 years old I really started divining and it just kept growing into that, as my passion. I went to business school, I was still reading on the side, not a lot of people would knew. Just, you know, your exclusive friends, family members. But then I decided, when I started to go into business, people started to hear that I was a tarot reader and I started juggling this on the side from doing my other job. It became a full time business in 2009 and it went from there.

This is what I do for living, I enjoy it as my passion, I love helping people and, you know, it’s my gift. And, just the fact that I am able to help people, I guess it gives me a sense of peace, an extra achievement on top of that. I am a big time tarot collector, so I never get bored of it, you know, it’s not just a hobby to me. It’s a passion. I also teach my kids how to divine me and my husband. So, it’s like it’s a part of a lifestyle already for me.

Holly Joy: So, with a coffee cup reading, are you reading coffee grounds on the bottom of the cup?

Emilie Moe: Yes. But, I am still looking for someone to do it the way I was thought. Normally, people…you do the whole old school thing, you take a coffee cup and you strain it through the sock, and then the little bits of coffee that gets left, it’s in the bottom. You switch it over and then you read it. But, we take it to another step. What I do, after you get those grains, we turn a coffee cup over onto a heated stove with fire, most people don’t probably have those now, and you burn it for few minutes while concentrating on the question or yourself. Then you turn it over and it has a whole bunch of images just burned on the coffee cup. And that’s what you give to your client after you meet for them. So, it’s pretty cool.

Holly Joy: Yes.

Emilie Moe: And then you read it. Yeah, and you have like, you are able to give them their reading on top of that , their own coffee cup. So, that’s how I started off. From that tarot has it’s own images and meanings, you know. But, I guess it’s almost the same but a bit different, in my style, how I do it.

Holly Joy: Yeah, it sounds very cool.

Emilie Moe: It’s my traditional way of reading.

Holly Joy: Yeah, it’s different. So, tell me, you mentioned that you are from Porto Rico, right?

Emilie Moe: My family is, I am from New York.

Holly Joy: Oh, I’m sorry, your background. Are you bilingual, do you speak more than one language?

Emilie Moe: I understand it perfectly, I speak ‘’spanglish’’, as we New Yorkers do. We have our own language going on, and it’s true. We like, we understand perfect Spanish, but we understand our lingo, New Yoricans…But, most of my readings are really dome in phone, or e-mail for my international clients. I do Skype, of course it’s easier. But for my Spanish speaking clients, I tell them to do it through e-mail, it’s just better for me to really break it down without language barrier. Cause I can understand it perfectly, but it’s just easier for me and everyone else.

Holly Joy: It really seems like, you know, 11 would be a perfect age to get started, because the younger children imagination is just so much stronger than with adults. Would you say your imagination up until you were 11, you know, that it’s always been that strong that you can, like you said, see the pictures and the…

Emilie Moe: Yeah, I think it was part of being naïve. Really, you know, you are not getting tainted about relationship problems and all that. So, when she said, ‘’Just tell me what you see’’, you were really saying what you see, you know, I could say he is very thin. Well, then, it just flows. So, Yeah, I really was starting to understand me.

She would come and start talking about spirits and spirituality, before that all I saw was –be witched-. So, I though I was faking. But when I was like- this is really real and you can predict things and you can see things, it’s a gift. I was really wowed by it and I just got more intrigued, started buying tarot cards.

My mother was in it for a minute, then she started to get biblical. Then she went back and started excepting this. So she had put on a calm face with me, but I went through this faze of just hiding my tarot cards. It got to the point where she would just rip it, you know, whatever. I would just buy another one behind her back and I would learn again from that little book that it came with, the little white book. And then I started to put my own interpretations with it. I started reading the playing cards and the tarot with it. I just started divining from there, you kind of just growing into that.

It’s pretty interesting, with the tarot cards, you know the meaning, but when you put the cards together sometimes you just get this whole other message on top of it. It’s like you .

I am a tarotologist but I am also a diviner, I am also a psychic, so all the messages in combine with that. It’s just a very powerful reading you get with that, combo. That’s how I read.

Holly Joy: It’s great that you had that support in foundation so early on.

Emilie Moe: Yeah, I feel that that was, especially that his may sound insane, but I used to say –the walls are talking to me-. It wasn’t really that the walls are moving, their mouth, but as a child you can’t comprehend what is going on and what I was really getting was my guides. Because, when they give you messages it’s not really how I get it is not that they sit next to me and it’s the actual person having a conversation with me. But, you feel the presence and you get messages and vibrations, and they come for you, they tell you things, they validate things for you. So, that’s how it was, and I was trying to interpret that and try to understand it. So, when this woman came to my life it helped me really understand what I was going through. As a teenager, at 13, 14, you really start putting things in good, solid order and you are feeling you are able to interpret things with solid flow. More structured, you know, on top of that. So, it was a beautiful experience for me, that’s how my spiritual and divination grew from there.

Holly Joy: Yeah, so would you say are primarily clairvoyant?

Emilie Moe: Yes. Now I am seeing things. I am not crazy, but yes I am. I hear a lot of things. In my readings you can…I say, ‘’I hear this’’. I will finish the sentence probably of whatever the person is asking about, most likely somebody in the low department, and they are like, ‘’Oh my God, he said exactly that’’. So, it’s more of a conformation theme, or I would start to describe what I see. And, it’s in your mind, you get impression, some things are blurry, some things are more vivid, like a person’s face. I will see the eye color, their skin tone but you don’t get too much of the facial details. But, I would see things that are important, so they could know about it.

So, yes. I think with the years those gifts grow. Especially when you have clients that are consistent, you can actually tell them things like that. You know, a bit more. It depends on a situation, but yes.

Holly Joy: Ok, so you mentioned to me earlier that you have 300 packs of tarot cards?

Emilie Moe: Yes

Holly Joy: But besides tarot and coffee cup do you use any other tools? I mean, tarot’s primary for you?

Emilie Moe: Lenormand, main cards, scrying on the crystal ball. That is usually what I use as my main things I’m trying to look over there, yeah. Those are my main sources of divination.

Holly Joy: So, with your cards, do you have separate meanings for every deck or do you just utilize different artworks and things?

Emilie Moe: That’s an interesting point because I feel that the reason why I collect so much is because every artist has their own different perception of the tarot. Like, a tarot card can mean a page of cups, a surprise from a loved one, and other one could be already just a surprise. It could mean something about intuition, it could be a message about love, it can mean something about a kid. So I collect so many to see the artists point of view. So, I don’t have a different meaning with all the tarot decks, I look at it from the artists eye, and get the information from there. So I think that is what makes it…

At this day of age you have things like the hello kitty tarot. You have all this crazy decks going on here. Of course, I won’t use something like that, that’s not mine, that’s more for collector. But, to divine I like taking time and looking through the tarot, and when I get a new one I just take the deck and just look through each card slowly.

It’s 78, you got to go through them, to see what is this author, what is this artist, what do they see when they made this card. And it usually takes them 3 to 4 years just to create the tarot deck. So, it’s really special to them and there is a respect to art even if you don’t agree with that meaning. But, you are like, ‘’Wow, ok they saw this.’’. So, when I am interpreting or reading for a client and I am using a certain deck, I am seeing what that artist saw, and that’s how I interpret it and read it. And message still will be accurate, whatever is meant to come out will come out. That card will show up, or a different one, you know, but that’s what makes it intriguing and that’s why I never get bored. That’s why I collect so many. People are like, ‘’Oh, my God’’, but it’s really exciting because I feel that tarot did change my life. That’s why I do it, I really have a diehard passion for it.

Holly Joy: I don’t know if you have seen it…We are talking about different kind of tarot decks, there is one that is super tiny. They are like mini size. Have you seen those?

Emilie Moe: Yeah, I have few tiny ones. I have a few tiny ones going on here, I can’t find it, they are so small. Oh, there it is. I have a whole bunch of, I collect different ones. These are great for doing big spreads. Like now, since it’s going into November, I still got Halloween coming up. So, these are tiny, these are small, but they are not small like the tiny ones.

Actually I recommend getting tiny ones, I mean, “people think what the hell can use a tiny deck for”? Simply, for doing big spreads. So, at this time of the year, it’s gonna be November, everyone wants to get their yearly spreading. I do this huge spreads, we can do the wheel one, when it goes to every month and what to expect. We could do a life one, what is going to happen to you throughout the whole year.

My clients like a picture, you know, we are all visual beings, so I’m not gonna lay it on my carpet and just stand there, so I will use the tiny ones to take a picture. It just works the best for both of us. Yes, I collect those as I actually got a few of them of Amazon. If you do click miniature tarot, a lot will pop up. It’s good, though. I use those too when I have my readings.

Holly Joy: Well, those are good reasons. I remember seeing them and thinking they are so cool, but how would I use them.

Emilie Moe: I even hold onto them, like key chains.

Psychic Holly Joy: So, what about oracle, do you use any oracle decks?

Emilie Moe: Yeah. I have more than a few oracle decks there. I use, my favorite one is ‘’Spirit messages’’ by John Holland, I love those. I Doreen Virtue, a ton of her angel decks to… But I think those like angel decks, those are considered oracle, but ‘’Spirit messages’’ by John Holland is just my favorite. For those decks I do the card of the day or the message of the day. It gets really personal, sometimes you get message from your mother or yours passed fathers, or something that was really bothering you and you need to kind of face it. So, that’s my go to deck for oracles.

Psychic Holly Joy: So, what types of readings do you offer?

Emilie Moe: I offer… Well, now I offer phone, Skype and e-mail. I was doing, well it’s phone Skype, because I was doing video but I feel that it’s just better over the phone, especially for my international clients. For that right now I am doing…during the holidays I do spread readings, which is something I just talk to you about, or Valentine’s day, you know, get your love spread. I will do things like that, but those are special occasion ones.

You can book with me by appointment and it’s always 10$ off your first reading.

My clients can find me, I am a Facebook person, but you can find me on the best psychic directory. I do Keen as well, but my website is always the best place to catch me to get your appointment.

Holly Joy: Right. When you are giving readings are you always combining a psychic reading with cards or other things that you do?

Emilie Moe: Absolutely, it just feels the best, you get the best of both worlds. That’s just the way I do it, cause I feel that I can’t just go just based on cards. I feel like spirit is always drawing you. You lay off the cards, but once you start interpreting the psychic intuition impact. It just kicks in, I don’t even know how to block that out, cause I don’t know how that happens. But, for me it’s always being about combining both of them, cause I started doing the psychic stuff before tarot so it’s just, you know, one. So, that’s what you are getting when you do a reading with me, too.

Holly Joy: So, over the years, what have you learned about your reading style? Can you walk us through your process?

Emilie Moe: All right. I was like-this is good questions. So, over the years when people would say- describe your reading style-, some people are like- What reading style?-. But, mine is very descriptive. I am a very descriptive reader. When you get a reading with me basically I tell you what I see, why I see it, I start interpreting the cards, too. I just feel that it is very important when a client is calling you, you need to put them into the reading. Like, if they are sitting in front of you that’s how you need to read. I’ve done readings for people in person, in shops, on parties. I’ve done all that good stuff, and nothing is as best as they feel when they are home with you and they feel safe, and you are right there in front of them and you are understanding them. So, my readings are much like that. I do predictive readings, you call me, I ask you first, ‘’This is you 20min, your half an hour. Ok, you have two options, do you wanna do specific questions to get to the core of the reading, or do you want me to do the general reading. And, it’s up to you, because this is your time, and I can answer whatever you want.’’. And, we go from there. Usually they have specific questions, and we just ‘’Bam, bam, bam’’, you know, brake it down and do a general one after that. But, that’s how I do a reading, I would answer the questions and then we would do the life coaching after that. Of how to resolve their issues, or their problems, or what is the best path or step for them to take. Because, you never leave a client with, ‘’Well, this is gonna happen to you, just prepare for the worst, it’s gonna be OK. Have faith, just believe.’’. That doesn’t work, they are coming to you for answers, they are coming to you for guidance. It’s your job to put the piece in their hand for the best solution and how to guide them for the next step of life, or what to do about this situation. Even if it is hard, even if it’s not something they want to hear, that’s what it is. You are there to guide them, it’s not just to predict things and to predict the future, you can get magic for that one. But it’s so much more in depth. In reading with me or a reading with a tarot reader or psychic is really respected. These people are coming to you with their most sacred, secret, valuable informations. Pandora’s box is given to you, so it’s all about trust, all right. They are telling you about their lover affairs, secret romances, you know, person they hate from the job. They are asking you about all the most personal things, so you need to respect them. And a reading with me is very confidential, I am a very laid back reader, down to earth. I’m from New York, so you can expect a little bit of lingo up in there, swearing. That’s just how I am, I’m your friend, to be there to guide you and to give you the most warming but loving truth with compassion, and lead you of what’s tomorrow gonna bring you, and what to do and what not to do. Now, you make your decisions to choose the next door well then, hey, I helped.

Holly Joy: So, do your mom’s friends still come to you? When you visit family is that what is like now?

Emilie Moe: No, well, hardly no more. I grew there. I don’t even know where she is at right now. I feel like people come into your life for different purposes and I thing that was her purpose in my life, to kind of be there. But, for now I really take my own clients, word of mouth friends, that’s how I started. I started off at a gym. I started using the room at lunch breaks to do readings. I started reading for my boss, my boss’s boss, my clients all of them. And like, they still come, they still call me, after that they still call me. That’s how it spreads, spirit is still drowning me to this. I was still being pulled in, until I said, ‘’OK, I need to do this full time, I’m getting to many clients. That’s where I need to go.’’. Most of my clients are from different states. From all over, different countries, that’s where I am right now. Yeah. In person readings I hardly do any more, like barely.

Holly Joy: So, what do you feel sets you apart from other readers?

Emilie Moe: Well, I am very spiritual. That’s a good question, because tarot readers, you can be… A tarot reader, you just read the tarot or your blog is about tarot, tarot, tarot. I am really wrapped into spirituality, self love, I really do that life coaching thing on top of it. But my compassion I feel for people, that love, that sensitivity, I think that is my gift.

A lot of people tell me that once they speak to me they just feel better. So, I feel that that is my healing, I feel like it’s kind of a gift of a healer on top of that. You know, that they feel better, but giving them the truth, too. You know, you don’t need to lie to anyone to make them feel better, that just hurts them at the end. It really does, it does. So, I am really loving, like really, really loving. My family is very affectionate and loving so I’ve come off like that, too.

Holly Joy: Well, even be an empathic, you are really tuning into it, and connecting to what they are feeling. So, you are on that level.

Emilie Moe: Yeah, very, very much. Sometimes you speak to someone and all they say is –Hello-, and you are like, -Oh my God-, you know, you already start describing what they are feeling, and if they are OK. You kind of need to smooth them first, before getting to reading questions, because it is important that they are Ok, and they sound, so you can help them. So, that is important, too. As an empath you know when someone is anxious and when they are on the edge of breakdown. Even when they say anything, it’s like a vibration, like, you can feel it, or depressed or sad. And they are coming to you to feel better, so you need to get them focused so they can ask the right questions. Some of them don’t have that, so you have to be able to help them. And that’s how I feel that’s our job, too.

It’s not just about readings and psychic predicting, you know, it’s not all about that. I don’t know if it was like that before, but I am not like that. One thing I know other readers don’t do, but many do as well- I don’t do spiritual work, no. I don’t do that, I don’t have like special formula or anything. I will coach you on how to make different changes in your life, to get the right things, or things you can do for yourself spiritually, spiritual cleansing, that you do yourself. Or stuff to attract certain things. That’s how I work and that’s what I do. Especially attraction, I feel like your mind and reprograming your mind and I try to help you believe in your own selves as well. I am working with the angels and guides to help you achieve things that you desire.

Psychic Holly Joy: So, what kind of, when we are talking about coaching, what sort of rituals do you use?

Emilie Moe: Rituals for coaching?

Psychic Holly Joy: Well, for even… You know, ritual might be affirmation you say every day or cleansing…

Emilie Moe: Oh, yeah. I was gonna say, I have a lot of affirmations. Actually it’s in a process in early stages of affirmation that I am actually making. I have wealthy Wednesdays every Wednesday I post an affirmation to attract wealth in your life.

Every Friday I do a love affirmation to attract love and attraction in your life as well. So, they could follow these things, it’s like rituals.

I’ve got tarot Tuesdays, so it’s tarot that everyone could kind of connect to, to do that.

But, affirmations is definitely it. It depends what they are going through, cause it will be scripted on what they are going through. Cause, you can’t just say –I feel good-. Maybe sometimes someone needs something better than – I am feeling good today-. It’s what I do, but spiritually I would tell them to do a cleansing for themselves, to help them with negativity.

In my culture we believe in coconut baths, I was gonna say coconut baths, anything to remove negativity. And I would tell them they should be doing these things for 3 days if they feel heavy or like that, until they lift up their spirits, and just clear off the residue. And now, they should do something for attraction, like a sweet bath on top of that to bring things into their life. Wax off, wax on, but that’s how I say it, and that’s how you are supposed to work it for yourself, right? You need to take off to put on, if you have all this mock on you and you are trying to put something on with layers, it’s gonna be like, so take off to put on. And then you can really start working on attracting things into your life, too. So, that’s how I work with them, too.

Holly Joy: So, talking about attraction, is there a type of client that you primarily attract to work with?

Emilie Moe: Love. Hands down it’s love. Most of my blogs is about love. Because my clientele are mainly trying to get love readings, and most my clients don’t read themselves. I know that there’s a lot of people that have clients that are readers themselves. And, most of them are not, most of them are in their late thirties, mid forties, that’s my clientele and they are mostly about love. That’s my key client. It just comes that way, I don’t try to focus on it, it’s just that’s the one that is drawn more to me.

Holly Joy: You are right. You said you are very compassionate, you are radiating love and that’s what you are getting in return. So, what can clients expect to get out of a reading with you? Besides what we already talked about…is there…?

Emilie Moe: Besides what we already talked about?

Holly Joy: Is there anything else?

Emilie Moe: It’s like, what do I say that I haven’t said?

Holly Joy: Well, how about this….

Emilie Moe: I can say, one thing is consistency. I am available, all right. I tell my clients, ‘’After reading text me. Text me, and we can book your other one.’’, cause I like them to feel that I am here. If they have any kind of questions i’m still around, I am here. It doesn’t mean they have to be asking for reading questions, that’s something different. But, I am here, I am all available. You respect my time, I respect yours. It’s just a thing that way, but they can expect that I come with them. They need help, I will send them links or some other guidance if I can’t help them, so that they can turn to someone that can help them, too. Because my key is to get them help, basically. So, they can expect that from me, communication. Communication is the key with me and I feel that that’s what keeps me here at the level I am at today, because I’m not just gonna leave you in the wall, in the wind. Like, if you are nothing, you are a person and I am contributing in a person needing help. A lot of people don’t do that, it’s just they cut off. I’m like, where is your humanistic, why are we here doing this? We need to help people. Sometimes it gets wrapped in all this professionalism that it gets kind of lost with that. So, that’s one thing that they can expect with me, yeah.

Holly Joy: Great answer. So, on your website EmilieMoe.com you mentioned discounts, what are your discounts?

Emilie Moe: My discount is 10$ off your first reading, phone, Skype reading. My other one is 30$ off if you refer a friend.

Holly Joy: OK. So, about your social media, on Facebook you said you are posting things every week. What else do you have online?

Emilie Moe: Like what?

Holly Joy: Like you tube videos or?

Emilie Moe: You tube, yeah. I have a lot of you tube videos, I am very active on you tube. Every week I would post a video, it could be about…if you wanna learn how to divine using the tarot- I’ve got video for that. I do tarot decks, or oracle reviews, too, I got videos on that. How to divine using the plain cards. Not a lot of people know how to do that, so I thing that is pretty cool. I have videos on spirituality and self help with spirituality, too. So, I have done interviews with other people that I have on you tube as well. So, I’ve been active on that, instagram, at EmilieMoe. I am very visual so I take a lot of pictures of reading spreads and things of that nature. What else, periscope. That’s the new one, so you get the live video on there as well at EmilieMoe. What else is there? Twitter, tarot by Emilie, I’m on that as well. I’m all over social media, like if you just google my name literally everything will come up. And, I’ve been on Keen since 2009. I don’t do Keen as I started before, but I have literally over 12,000 written feedbacks from my clients that you can just read all the time and they are always up to date. And on the best psychic directory you can read my feedbacks from my clients right there. They are up to date every month, every week, so there you can see what they say about me, as well. What kind of reader I am.

Holly Joy: Great. Before we go is there anything else you want to mention or say?

Emilie Moe: I don’t think so. I wanna say thank you, thank you for…

Holly Joy: Thank you. And, be sure to visit Emilie’s website at EmilieMoe.com

Emilie Moe: Thank you!