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Enhance Your Spiritual Or Psychic Business Without Typing, SpeechToText Pro ReviewDo you offer your clients Psychic Readings by Email Without Typing?

Do You Record Channeling’s But Don’t Want To Transcribe Them After?

Do you write articles for your spiritual website, offer eBooks and courses or want to transcribe your YouTube videos without actually typing?

Well now you can!

Over the years I have typed thousand of Email Readings, several eBooks and manually transcribing hours of videos! Why? because until now i’ve been unable to find an an easy and effective talk to text service.

Than I came across SpeechToText Pro For Windows 10


  • Speech to text conversion
  • Support of all Microsoft languages with Cortana
  • Real-time editing
  • Article re-writing
  • Advanced Text To Speech, or narration
  • Output of content to Text file, Email, SMS or other apps

All you have to do is speak within near proximity and watch your voice be converted to accurate text.

Note: you will need a online connection and ideally a USB mic for the best outcome.

There are lots of benefits with SpeechToText Pro.


A Massive Vocabulary – SpeechToText Pro understands everything; including names of places, individuals and things.

There Are No Timeouts – When SpeechToText Pro is in listening mode, it doesn’t time out. You’re don’t have to speak frequently to keep it alert. To make it quit listening, you have to click Stop.

Enhance Your Spiritual Or Psychic Business Without Typing, SpeechToText Pro ReviewEditing Is Easy – Correction making is effortless. Select the text that you would like corrected, pronounce anything you would like to substitute it with, and SpeechToText Pro updates it. The letters, phrase or paragraph can be capitalized using a control and one or more characters can be deleted.

Create More Content – SpeechToText Pro was created for generating content making it easy to speak your Email Readings, Trance Channeling, Format eBooks, Courses and of course write articles so, you save time and create a great deal of content.

Content Rewriting – It is possible to reword posts, Youtube videos or produce Rich Text Format articles.

Enhance Your Spiritual Or Psychic Business Without Typing, SpeechToText Pro ReviewText To Speech – It can be utilized as a text reader and content can be played back in Microsoft’s artificial voices. Each language package includes its own group of voices which are male and female.

Data Security – Each save operation produces another copy within the database of the app. The database can be accessed from within the program and all database posts can be stored to a text document.

Access Control – SpeechToText Pro supports user development. Content is observable only. It’s like protecting files. SpeechToText Pro includes a free 24-hour trial interval and then a minimal cost of only $2.49.

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