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Digital Growing up we had this really ugly plastic wood grain scale that you had to manually calibrate with your hands (kind of gross when your scale lives beside the toilet) and to make matters worse it would tilt when you put your foot too far on one side.

Etekcity review bathroom scale

Anyways… I’ve always loved the look and wanted a clear glass digital bathroom scale like this one made by [easyazon_link identifier=”B01HI1W1V4″ locale=”US” tag=”atr021-20″]Etekcity[/easyazon_link]. 


When I opened the box I was surprised at how dull the packaging was, this is not important for a self purchase but may be unappealing if you’re going to give it as a gift.

My sister was their when I removed the scale from the simplistic blue box and said “damn, that’s fancy”. Point being that even if you were to give this as a gift its obvious the scale is a nice durable one once you take it out of the package. It was also packaged well with fitted Styrofoam.

The silver accents in the corners are under the glass so you don’t have to worry about them rubbing off from use.

I’m glad that it came with a battery and has an on/off  switch but don’t really care for the uncommon household CR2032 lithium battery.

Etekcity review bathroom scaleHowever, seeing that you step on it to turn it and that it turns off after reading your final weight for 10 seconds I expect that battery will last awhile, plus there is an indicator when the battery is getting low so you can pick one up at the store.

I thought that the glass would get smudged and look dirty with every use but to my surprise it remains clear.

My favorite feature besides the appearance is the no-hands calibration, you don’t have to manually touch the scale with your hands to turn it on or spin a knob to zero like when I was a kid; to calibrate your Etekcity bathroom scale you simply step on it and let the scale read out at zero, its very quick and easy to do every time to assure an accurate read out of your weight.

A lot of times when you buy something around $20 its cheaply made and does not last long but in my option you receive exceptional value for the item price with Etekcity’s Digital Bathroom Scales.