Specialty Books For Children That Instill Financial Education & Focused Falcon ReviewBeing a parent now myself, I wanted a fun way to teach my unfocused boys (7 & 8) about the benefits of being focused. My children love books so, I opted to try Focused Falcon. You guessed it – its a story about staying focused. Kids learn things like; accomplishments don’t take as long as they think they will by staying keeping focused and working through it, reminding them that staying on track will help get things done quickly. This tale demonstrates the another side of the coin and what it can cost you in time and energy when you keep getting distracted and putting things off (like Careless Cat whom should be trying to catch his dinner). Promoting Children to be inspired to get their task done, embedding that they too possess the power to concentrate; like having a special power and feel good feelings of doing it!

I found the book Focused Falcon and other offerings from INSYL, a publishing company that drives children to learn the importance of finance with specially formulated books that are designed to give your child the advantage that they need to have a successful future though:

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY – cultivating the attitudes, behaviors and challenges which induce children to be more capable to respond to life’s challenges and give your child a positive perspective, confidence, leadership, and healthful perspectives through comprehension of focus and purpose.

ARTISTIC CONSCIOUSNESS – to arouse your subconscious thinking, inspiring creativity, and cultivating imagination. It has been held a sensory intuition and that artistic sensibility and gives ways to greater imaginations that were more expansive.

FINANCIAL EDUCATION – the financial literacy of younger children hasn’t been something that lots of teachers have thought in depth. Children might learn a little about the fundamentals of financing during Mathematics, but don’t go that they need to genuinely understand the subject. Books by INSYL are designed to give your child the advantage that they need to have a powerful financial future by creating and elevated advantage to construct a protected, prudent, frugal, and rich future by making numbers simple, unravelling the mysteries of budgeting and saving and inspiring critical independent thinking.

ACCESS HIGHER LEVEL THINKING SKILLS – though vibrant stories and characters, kids will learn about financial burdens and how to conquer them. The colorfully spun tales will instruct your child ways to embrace and deal with any problem that was financial.

IMPROVE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT – improve your child’s test scores, financial literacy, social skills, critical thinking and attitudes whilst touching on your child’s cognitive skills.

Myself and my children really liked the appearance of the pages, they were colorful, cute and also realistic. This and the names of the characters like Focused Falcon and Careless Cat helped my boys anticipate what might happen next like – Careless Cat being distracted. I also liked that some of the wording like “Swallow” could open a discussion for further learning of what some words mean, in this case a bird but, that is not required to understand the story.  Personally, I like everything I buy and use to serve a purpose and be pleasurable. All-in-all, I am happy with the books by INSYL, my kids enjoy them and I trust that although they don’t feel like they are doing any work, they are taking away positive life messages and higher learning. I also downloaded this book on my Mac Desktop and the large images really popped!