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Freeze Dried Candies are expanding in popularity with each passing day as social media influencers rave about these candies as snacks across the internet. The main reason for the hype is that freeze dried candy changes the texture and taste of sweet treats. Though people love this idea, much is unclear to many of them. Here is everything you need to know about these candies.

What is Freeze Dried Candy?

As the name predicts, a freeze and dried version of candy is freeze dried candy. The influence of this treatment is so strong and impactful that candy becomes a new product after going through this process. Whether the candy is sweet or sour, it will change its taste and preserve its color, flavor, and aromas.

Freeze drying is replacing older conventional methods of preserving candies, canning, and dehydration. These methods involve high temperatures and downgrade the value of the foods. However, freeze-drying offers preservation with a faster rehydration time without damaging the taste. Although, freeze dried candy is typically not rehydrated unless it’s added to hot cider, hot coco, soda or ice cream.

freeze dried candy in traverse city miHow Long Does Freeze Dried Candy Last?

Freeze drying is an ideal preservation method as it can increase the life span of any food. Some freeze-dried foods can remain usable up to 25 years if preserved correctly with the presence of an oxygen absorber in thick, sealed mylar packaging. However, because freeze dried candy is typically sold in thinner, clear mylar bags without oxygen absorbers and opened many times; it is intended to be eaten within a few weeks to months.

Are these Candies Healthier?

With the moisture being removed, a candy changes only its taste and texture after being treated to freeze-drying. Thus, it is not an inevitable fact if these candies are healthier or not since it still depends on how much you eat. Some candies, like jolly ranchers are cut in haves or thirds before freeze drying so, if you eat less at a time because you feel fuller due to the lack of moisture than perhaps if it is used to substitute how much candy you would normally eat, you could consider it a healthier alternative.

Do They Have Fewer Calories?

Unlike the common belief, freeze-drying does not lower the calories in candy. However because most freeze dried candies double or triple in size; three pieces of freeze dried jolly ranchers can equal one jolly ranchers in original form thus, it may be healthier to eat three freeze dried jolly rancher pieces vs three jolly ranchers in original form because than you are consuming less calories.

However, if you are likely to eat more candies, one after the other, continuously because they feel light and taste delicious instead of something healthy; well, like all foods keeping a check on yourself while eating these is your responsibility.

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