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NW Hemp Products, Go Green Premium Hemp Extract CBD Oil Drops & Earth Milk Lip Balm Review Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about CBD oil being used as a safe, alternative plant based medicine and because i’m strong believer in Mother Earth supporting and providing us everything we need to be healthy; I’m on an ongoing quest to find natural, Non-GMO, Organic products that are effective.

Recently, I placed an order with NW Hemp Products and received a 30ml bottle of Go Green Hemp CBD Peppermint Oil Drops and Earth Milk Medicated Lip Balm with 3mg of Hemp Extract with a Goldenseal base. Below is what I think about these products.

Go Green Hemp CBD Peppermint Oil Drops  

Taste – Personally, I am not a big fan of peppermint or strong flavors but the tones in this oil are not bitter or overpowering, it is more like a lite peppermint candy that is very pleasant and refreshing.

Consistency – I was not sure what to expect, I have put other oils like coconut and olive oil in my mouth before and found those to be dense; thankfully this CBD oil is much thinner, it still has that smooth oil feel on the lips and skin but, the oil drops are not thick or dense compared to other oils and I expect this may also help with absorption.

Effect –  The recommend serving size for adults is 0.6 ML, being a little more than half of the 1ML dropper sublingually meaning, under the tongue. I took this dose at 9:45PM and could feel some body effects about 25 minutes later around 10:10PM. I also had my teeth cleaned that day and had some immediate effects are far as not noticing the irritation in my mouth. The body effects were more noticeable when sitting down and I would relate it to having a glass of wine in that I just felt more relaxed but, maintained control and didn’t feel buzzed when I stood-up or walked around so, if you were to use this product to help you sleep – I would suggest you take it before laying down, otherwise, I’d say its use is also fine during the day.

Shipping & Presentation – Shipping was incredibility fast, my order was delivered after only four days. I was notified by email when my package was out for delivery and the products were nicely packaged. As you can see in the photo the bottle is gold and comes in a nice box.

NW Hemp Products, Go Green Premium Hemp Extract CBD Oil Drops & Earth Milk Lip Balm Review Earth Milk Medicated Lip Balm With 3MG Hemp Extract

Taste – The taste has some earthy, plant tones if you really taste it but,  just on your lips, it has sweet notes.

Consistency – The lip balm is quite compact; you can get some with your finger tip but as you can see I used my nail to pull a little bit out. Its winter here in Michigan so, in warmer areas this product may not be so compact. Once on the lips it is smooth, somewhat like the oil but adheres better.

Effect – I use lip balm constantly and really like this product. Also, my sons lip was cracked and I put some of this on him before bed and hip lips appear a lot less dry.