Your Book “Her Honor’s Secret” is listed under fiction but the book’s description makes me think of those Lifetime Movies based on a true story. In fact, there are several reviews online that agree your book has TV or Movie potential. Do you expect your book may make it on Screen?

Actually the book is in the process of being made into a TV Series then movie. The project is under the direction of Myron Grace, CEO of Screenworks Entertainment.

There is a lot of speculation from Readers that live in New Orleans that believe your book is not actually fiction and even have ideas of whom your characters are. Even Judge Kendrick resembles yourself in Career and Appearance.

Well, I think every author has at one time or other written a “fiction” book based on his or her real life experiences and Her Honor’s Secret is no exception. Her Honor’s Secret is very much based on experiences and circumstances in my life and the characters are very real though names have been changed to protect my privacy more so than their “innocence”. 

There are no innocent characters in Her Honor’s Secret.

As for Judge Kendrick and I being similar, yes indeed, we certainly are in the sense that we both love the law but are still female and human at the end of the day and anybody that knows either of us, would know there are lines that you don’t cross with us with betrayal being at the top of the list. Every action has a reaction and all actions have consequences. No, I would say crossing either of us would be a monumental mistake that one might never recover from.

 Looking like Judge Kendrick? Thanks for the compliment. Judge Kendrick is beyond gorgeous. She is mysteriously beautiful. She has classic beauty that many try to imitate but can rarely duplicate.

The public is loving this book and speculation is rampant that it is not a fictional work but a true romance with a lot of get what you want any way you want. Is this a hint that your books accounts steam real life accounts?

I live in New Orleans and have a sneaking suspicion that this book says Fiction but is NOT!
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Absolutely! Khrystyna and Darren are a very real couple. They met in high school just like the book said. They allowed life to send them in different directions but purposely sought each other out many years later. That reunion made them see that their souls remained connected and they were forever committed to each other and could never love anyone else the way they love each other. They vowed that nothing and nobody would ever keep them apart. So, in HHS, whoever tries always meets a deadly ending. Nothing will ever keep them apart. I envision a series where many try for various political, legal and personal reasons to come between them but the ruthlessness of Khrystyna and the determination of Darren have them constantly eliminating whatever threatens to come between them—

Besides the fire between Khrystyna Danielle Kendrick, a beautiful Creole Louisiana Supreme Court Justice and convicted former New Orleans Police Detective Landon Drake, there are other relationships like with the mystery prince of New Orleans. Is there still an engagement and if so, why is the relationship being kept secret?

Most definitely there is still an engagement. Darren is my heart and I am his soul and neither of us are ever going anywhere. 


The relationship between Khrystyna and Landon was very intense. It was Landon that initially brought out the dark side of Khrystyna—love can make you do things that you never thought you were capable of doing. So when Landon found himself a guest of the United States Penitentiary, Khrystyna got herself positioned to help him through his time there. She used her beauty and brains to blackmail some of the most powerful men in the world to make sure that Landon never had one uncomfortable day in prison. Then along came Darren, the Prince of New Orleans! Now we have a problem. What do you do when you love two men with equal but different emotions? You go with the passion, you go with the one that sets your body on fire. Landon was no slouch in the bedroom but he couldn’t compete with 30 years of unrequited fire and that’s what Darren brought to the table along with his charm and sensitivity and the way he treated her like a Princess still—he brought FIRE and she brought ICE —goodbye Landon. 


The real-life relationship of me and “Darren” is not a secret though. It’s private. It’s personal….those who need to know, do and those who don’t need to know, don’t. Then there are those who think they know and those who pretend not to know. But we know. And that’s what matters. When it’s time for the world to know, they’ll know but until then…

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