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Hobby Gofre Lilic Turkish Cotton Hand Towels ReviewIt is so nice to have nice things and these lilic Hobby Gofre towels truly make me feel luxurious, they are super soft, thick and absorb well so, if you have them hanging on a towel rack, they don’t appear used right away, like thiner hand towels do (getting scrunched and wrinkly), making them an excellent choice for a guest bathroom as well.

I love the comforting lavender color, fine detailed boarder and strait sticking around the edges. I also was pleasantly surprised these towels are larger than standard hand towels, making them a great choice to dry your hair.

This is my first exprience with Turkish cotton and i’m so happy to have a matching set of four.

Lastly, the delivery and presentation was great, they came in a clear, button clasp bag and where individually wrapped (see photos).