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My question is concerning my career. I would like to know what path is best to take…

All of my life I have never known what I want to do as far as career is concerned. I have never enjoyed any job I have had and the frustrations are affecting all aspects of my life. I have spent countless hours trying to sense what I am good at, but always come up with nothing. I have tried various courses, but either got bored with them or found them too difficult.

I am 51 now and cannot really say that I have any skill or talent that I can put to use. I have been in my current job for 15 years now and it is just a means to an end. Plus, i’ve been pursuing internet marketing for 7+ years but can’t find any methods that suit me.

Please can you offer me any help? Thank you.

I feel like you’re someone that needs change and variety to find fulfillment in life and that you can be constructively creative with interesting ideas that excite you but, because you fallen into this day-to-day routine working the same job 15 years and not found the success you were seeking though internet marketing; I feel you’ve become unsatisfied and frustrated wanting a change but are not sure how to find your true passion.

I’m also picking-up on this borderline depressed attitude. Now, the word “depressed” is actually spoken phonetically as “deep rest” meaning, it’s a misunderstood state of deep-rest, entered into when we are completely exhausted by the weight of own identity and a state we are meant to awake from once we replace we limited beliefs attached to our identity that no longer serve us.

Anyways, The main idea I’m getting with this is about feeding into your lower-self though negative self-talk, almost like you have given in or accepted this aspect of your identity although, you don’t really want to and so, this resistance always present. So, I would just suggest when you catch your-self affirming something negative; you try to correct your thought by mentally affirming something else instead like

  • “abundance comes to me in all ways” or
  • “I accept this, I deserve this, I am worthy of this.” (success, new client, a sale)

Another issue that ties into this is the idea of “playing it safe”, I feel you keep doing what you’re doing because it is safe and you have family obligations but, I also feel a part of your true nature is to take risks. I feel that you need a change to really tap into the natural qualities that drive you. This could be a 2nd part-time “for fun” job or hobby just to help you start putting out your intent to start shifting into a new energy/approach career wise.

In terms of career options, I feel your best suited for jobs that provide a unique daily experience, require taking initiative and ideally interacting with new people and/or traveling. Sales, advertisements and public relations are all areas that I feel you could reach your full potential in as long as you find a job you enjoy.

Another idea that comes-up for me is the thought of a card dealer at a casino, perhaps, trying a part-time position at a casino or being a dealer for hire (for like at home parties etc.) would help you tap into these innate qualities you feel you are lacking and provide opportunities to experience the energies of risk taking, adventure, travel and new people.

In terms of internet marketing. I feel it may be hard for you to be your own boss because you want to explore so many options, you may get easily distracted/board and perhaps not have all the best tools at your disposal.

If the gambling/casino idea attracts you than, perhaps a niche site that focuses gambling or a specific game that optionally includes your experiences/reviews/articles on your local casino (easy to rank for keyword and broad range of visitors) and/or gambling articles and product reviews; would be worth a try without interfering with what you’ve currently been working on.

If you end up pursuing this idea, it is important to be aware of the possible restrictions that site visitors could experience. Most casino sites, like Roobet, have been blocked in certain countries by their government, and many gamblers have been required to learn more about how to get around roobet vpn block so they can get their casino fix through this site. Though this is not the case for all sites, this is definitely something that you should be aware of.

Either way, I would suggest you consider the following with any website:

  • 1st have an IFTT network set-up by someone on Fiverr; this creates a lot of social media accounts and using your RSS feed syndicates or shares your content automatically on these accounts every time a new post is published so you don’t have to manage social media, backlinks are built and its easier for people to find you and your money ads.
  • 2nd – if you have a WordPress website, install a plugin like Ad Inserter, this allows you to automatically insert your HTML ad codes (for example you could rotate Amazon codes/ads or have ads automatically selected by that post’s keywords or what tracking reveals that user might buy) on every new post that is created.
  • 3rd – either have someone set-up a (lesser quality) auto blog for you that pulls content around certain keywords online, spins and publishes it daily or use a subscription service like WordAi and hand select other relevant articles online to spin and publish.
  • 4th – optionally, you could purchase low-cost, niche PLR article packs to publish (ideally spin first) and/or eBooks downloads to sell / give free in exchange for email collection for future marketing.

I’m not sure what methods you are using for internet marketing but, I would advise ageist PPC (pay per click). Ideally, you would want to find selective niche brands/products and google that search them + affiliate to get the highest commissions for direct sign-ups, subscriptions, memberships or purchases.

  • Again you could input those ad codes into a website service like Ad Inserter so they are automatically placed on your post/pages and even I rotate I the codes each page load to better know what is being clicked on the most.

An additional or secondary option would be using a service like Amazon affiliate as you still get a commission no matter what someone purchases after clicking your ad within 24 hours and if they put something in their cart and buy it with 90 days, you still earn that commission but unless you have a ton of content and highly targeted ads that are making a lot of sales, this option may not yield a lot of income.

Then, once you have a lot of traffic coming to your site, you could also sell ad space.

Love to you, Holly Joy