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PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Cat Litter Box Tips & ReviewI’m really happy I ordered this PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box System, its a luxury that i’m not sure how I ever lived without!

As advised I also purchased this easy to set-up programable timer to extend the motor life and run it for 1 hour 3x a day.

I use clump and seal litter (although i’m going to try clump and seal easy slide next to avoid bottom sticking).

And I put these Fresh Step litter box crystals in the waste bin to help with the smell.

I tried to duck tape folders on the side to avoid less litter mess on the floor (it gets messy) but, they kept falling off with each rotation so, I may attempt to hot glue them on. In the meantime, I’ve just been using my little handheld vacuum or dust pan.

My cats took right to it right away and appreciate a clean box.

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My only complaint is that the topper gets kicked off sometimes and it seems like it won’t run if its not on, hence the extra hour with the timmer on.