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Lower Whole Building EMF & Electricity Cost with The Power Perfect Box A Power Perfect Box is a revolutionary device that can save pay for itself though an average savings of about 15% measured in kWh per year on your electric expenses; and at the same time will contribute to building a healthier business or home environment with it’s Smart technology.

I know when I used to live in the UP, I would dread looking at my next electricity bill, typically costing more than my rent during the winter months.


What About You?

  • Do you hate the electronic equipment in your home, like my Eden Pure eating noticeable power every month for you to pay in high electricity bills?
  • Have you ever faced a surge that destroyed your electronics?

Here is how The Power Perfect Box works to have the solutions to such problems. 

The Power Perfect Box is an all in one electrical system solution that offers voltage variable line conditioning, robust surge protection, reduce phase correction using a real-time amp, EMF filtration, and lessens the harmful harmonics. Thus, having tailor-made custom solutions for both commercial and residential needs.

You can install the Power Perfect Box very easily, 3rd party approved and with reliable track records; it has been used by thousands of customers belonging to both businesses and homes. It will help its users  in reducing the power consumption and make the appliances to run cooler and smoother for a long span of time.

You only need to install a Power Perfect Box directly on an electric panel, and it will start working. You can say it will “clean” all the electricity that is flowing in your offices and homes. Its primary purpose is to eliminate the distortion or gaps happening in your electricity. To make it simple, it helps you in saving your daily power consumption. Now you can control the amount of electricity in a limit as per your home or business needs.

Traditionally, electric organizations are known to send much more power to your residence or enterprise to fulfill such gaps. Hence, more control means more capital. You do the math!

Other rewards:

  • It protects you from spikes and surges. Now you will never face any equipment failure due to burnouts or surges
  • No more humming from the lights and hearing that annoying buzzing that you hate.
  • No more overheating of the devices, if your like me with a fan on my computer, you know that heat can negatively affect electrical devices. It’s time to keep calm, cool and use them for a long span of time.
  • Lowers EMF — eradicates radiation or electromagnetic frequencies up to 60-90%. If you don’t know about “EMF” you should look it up so you can better understand what it is and how it relates it to one’s health benefits and sesativities

The Best part is you can take the Power Perfect Box with you anywhere! It doesn’t matter whether you are large or small you can start using it in your offices and homes, making it a compelling active investment that will directly benefit you now and for years to come.