Cherry Quartz Tree Of Life Necklace


The Cherry Quartz Tree of Life Necklace is handmade in Traverse, Michigan, the cherry capital of the United States. This zinc alloy wire wrapped necklace pendant is crafted with hand selected Cherry Quartz stones ranging in size from 4-5 mm, designed to represent the Tree of Life, a symbol of eternal connectivity.

Worn over the heart, this handmade Cherry Quartz Tree of Life Necklace evokes the powerful energy of courage and confidence, as well as balanced continually, while fortifying the Heart Chakra, the fourth primary chakra. This intricately designed Cherry Quartz Tree of Life Necklace combines symbolism with the power of Cherry Quartz, lovingly made to affect the balance, calmness and serenity of the Heart Chakra.

These hand-crafted necklaces are inspired by the fields of cherry trees in Traverse Michigan. Combined, these cherry trees produce the largest cherry harvest in the United States. Each year the surrounding cherry trees are reminders of the death, rebirth and reproduction that is the cycle of life, a true inspiration for these beautiful, powerful, symbolic Cherry Quartz Tree of Life Necklaces!  Just like the cherry tree, when you order a Cherry Quartz Tree of Life Necklace, it is wholly individual, while being one of many created.

 Symbolic Essence Representations Reflected in your Cherry Quartz Tree of Life Necklace include:

  • Hand Selected Cherry Quartz Stone – Harness the spiritual powers to relieve anxiety, nervousness, absorbs negativity fostering clarity and balance.
  • Necklace Pendant – worn over the heart affecting the balance of the Heart Chakra
  • Cherry Tree of Life – symbol of eternity, continuity, innocence, beauty and sexuality
  • The Power of Quartz– The belief in the healing and curative powers of crystals and quartz date back to Ancient Sumaria and have been revered by the great civilizations of Egypt, Greece, China. Europe, Persia, India and more. Also believed to be a gateway to the spiritual essence of life

Specification Details:

  • Black waxed rope necklace is 20” in length
  • Pendant’s Cherry Quartz stones range in size from 4-5 mm
  • Zinc alloy wire wrapped necklace pendant
  • Pendant is Oval shaped, Dimension is 1.4″ x 1.8″
  • Gift wrapped in a red box with handwritten note upon request

Pamper yourself with spiritual healing and powerful energies with your new handmade Cherry Quartz Tree of Life Necklace! Soak in the balance, serenity, healing and beauty, while wearing the symbol of life close to your heart. These artfully crafted necklaces are all handmade, just as each cherry tree in the grove is an individual, each of these Cherry Quartz Tree of Life Necklaces are uniquely made especially for you.

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