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The Complete Guide to Building Your Online Spiritual Business Using WordPress


Clickable Table Of Contents


Chapter One:

Seven Signs Being a Spiritually Independent Service Provider Is Your Calling

Chapter Two:

Websites To Gain Spiritual Reading Experience & Feedback

Chapter Three:

Removing Negative Beliefs About Money and Affirmations for Spiritual Success

Chapter Four:

Replace Limiting Beliefs About Money with Supporting Beliefs

Chapter Five:

Ten Basic Principles for Writing Effective Goals

Chapter Six:

Six Easy Steps for Setting Your Near Future Goals

Chapter Seven:

Worksheet For Writing Your Career Goals

Getting Started

Chapter Eight:

3 Steps to Narrow Down the Best Name for Your Spiritual Business

Chapter Nine:

How To Set Up A PayPal Business Account And Get A Tax Id Number

Chapter Ten:

Registering Your Business As An LLC In Your State, Optional

Chapter Eleven:

How To Create A Voicemail Or Service Line With Google Voice

Chapter Twelve:

How You Can & Why You Should Offer Clients Recordings Of Readings

Chapter Thirteen:

The Benefits Of WordPress Hosting & Having .Com Domain URL

-Currently Available Prime .Com Domain Names

Chapter Fourteen:

Selecting Your Hosting Provider, Top Options Compared

Chapter Fifteen:

Creating a Mobile-Optimized Website With WordPress

Chapter Sixteen:

Custom Designing Your Website On A Budget

Chapter Seventeen:

Online Booking Provider Options

Chapter Eighteen:

Selecting Competitive Rates To Charge For Your Spiritual Services

Chapter Nineteen:

Gathering and Displaying Client Reviews

Chapter Twenty:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

-The Benefits Of Writing Your Blog Posts, Content & Slugs Around Keywords -Selecting Your Long-Tail Keywords With These Free Keyword Research Tools -Internal & External Link Building

-Link Sources, How To Build Backlinks Other People Use To Point To Your Site -How To Start Guest Posting

Content Creation

Chapter Twenty-One:

Where To Find Royalty Free Images & Customize Them

Chapter Twenty-Two:

Private Label Rights Content Creation With Minimal Actual Writing

Chapter Twenty-Three:

How To Spin Unique Content For Your Site And Not Pay The Premium Price

Writing Your Main Website Pages

Chapter Twenty-Four:

Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Taglines

Chapter Twenty-Five:

Four Questions To Write A Great Mission Statement

Chapter Twenty-Six:

Outline For Writing Your Websites Bio

Chapter Twenty-Seven:

Tips For Writing Your About Me Page

Chapter Twenty-Eight:

10 Essential Ingredients In Successful Sales Pages

Chapter Thirty:

Installing Mail Chimp & Building Your Mailing List

Chapter Thirty-One:

Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

Chapter Thirty-Two:

Automatically Post, Re-publish, Re-post And Schedule Your Content For Social Media

-IMPORTANT: A newcomer’s guide to IFTTT and content syndication

Chapter Thirty-Three:

Deciding If You Want To Create An Autoblog And Plugins To Do So

Chapter Thirty-Four:

Making Your Site Work For You, Ideas For Monetization

Chapter Thirty-Five:

Suggested Plugins List With Links

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