Psychic Spiritual Resin and Smudging Herbs Incense Kit


Our Psychic Spiritual Sampler Resin and Smudging Herbs Incense Kit provides you with everything you need to enjoy the purity of Resins and Smudging herbs as they have been used in ceremonies for centuries.  Known as the indirect method of burning incense, the resin or smudging herbs are placed on a lit piece of charcoal, as the resin or smudging herb burn, they create the purest form of incense smoke.

When you order the Psychic Spiritual Sampler Resin and Smudging Herbs Incense Kit you receive:

  • (1) – Ten Pack of Beamer Quick Lighting Coconut Charcoal Disks– After the charcoal is lit, the resin or smudging herbs are sprinkled on the charcoal creating a pure incense smoke
  • (1) – Sea Shell
  • (8) – Samples of Resin and Smudging Herbs in labeled 2” x 4” sealed plastic bags
  • (1) – Gray burlap bag, gifted to hold your goodies in

The eight resin and smudging herbs are all in their purest form providing a natural incense experience for religious worship, spiritual incantations, and Psychic energy. The incense resins and smudging herbs contained in our Sampler Resin and Smudging Herbs Incense Kit include:

  • Frankincense– (Raw Resin from Egypt) – Traded as a treasure of the gods in ancient civilizations, it is considered to invoke holiness. One of the gifts brought to the Christ child by the Three Kings. Said to possess healing powers, its fragrance is a cleanser for mind and spirit.
  • Myrrh– (Raw Resin from Egypt) – Used as a medicine, it is catalogued throughout early civilizations as a powerful healer and purifier. Another gift brought to the Christ child by the Three Kings. Used to invoke Holiness, it continues to be used in religious services as a fragrance that gives peace to the soul.
  • White Copal– (Raw Resin) – Recognized by Spiritualists and Psychics as a sweet cleansing fragrance to eliminate negativity, allowing for clarity of mind and spirit.
  • Palo Santo– (Smudging Bark)- Literally translated as “Holy Wood”. The essence of Palo Santo was believed to contain healing powers for Physical ailments by many civilizations. It became known as the Mystical Tree, whose burning fragrance was a direct connection to the Psychic spirit.
  • California White Sage– (2 baggies of Smudging Leafs) – A powerful herb recognized by ancients as a healer, both Physically and spiritually. The American Indians believed in its power to purify not only spaces but one’s inner self, as well as in cleaning rituals to remove unwanted spirits, confusion and doubt. It is believed that the power of this fragrance reaches beyond the Physical world allowing for deep, contemplative, relaxing meditation and in many cultures is essential before prayers, meditation and during the healing process.

Native American Harvested 

  • Tobacco– (Smudging Herb) – Smudging tobacco was believed to create a direct connection between humans and spiritual powers; used by many cultures when praying or seeking advice from those that have passed to the next life. American Indians considered it a gift from the gods using it at sacred ceremonies to attract their wisdom.
  • Sweet Grass– (2 baggies of Smudging Herb) – A traditional smudging herb with a powerful fragrance when smudged, it was traditionally used as a medicine and during holy ceremonies.  Commonly referred to as Holy Grass, it is believed to offer sanctifying powers allowing living souls to connect to spiritual energies.
  • Pine– (Smudging Needles & Powder) – Used as a natural air freshener, pine is also considered an essential cleansing fragrance that evokes the essence of serenity, grace, and holiness. An essential smudging material during religious rituals especially commemorating the dead and in contacting their souls.

This divine Sampler of Resin and Smudging Herbs Incense Kit includes the charcoal, herbs, and resins necessary to properly burn incense.  This traditional method of incense burning is a centuries-old practice for sanctifying, blessing, and purifying the religious temples of Buddhists, as well as Taoists. Japanese Shinto shrines are also sanctified with incense.

The major religions of the world use incense in their services. In Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism the burning of incenses are used to symbolize the prayers of the faithful raising up to the Gods.

Within Contemporary Paganism, burning incense is symbolic of the elements, the use of synthetic incense is avoided for it is believed that artificial materials do not possess the natural energies required.

Your new fabulous Psychic Spiritual Sampler Resin and Smudging Herbs Incense Kit will provide you with enough charcoal, resin and smudging herbs to experience each several times. Indulge in your new Psychic Spiritual Sampler Resin and Smudging Herbs Incense Kit to sanctify, cleanse, and purify your surroundings and to clarify good energy and eliminate bad vibes during meditation, daily living and ceremony.