Sage Smudging Kit


Sacred Smoke Bowl Ritual – Smudge Kit – Abalone Shell, Feather, and White Sage

We believe every new phase of your life should begin with all things positive.

Are you shifting to a new home?
Getting married to your love?
Fighting depression for some time now?

The ancient practice of Smudging has proven successful in cleansing and purifying a space or person of negative energy.

It creates a space for healing with positive aura and energy. Therefore, it helps you feel positive and rejuvenated while clearing the space of any unwanted residual energy.

Smudging can be easily done with our white sage smudge kit.

  • Begin by burning the white sage herb given in the kit.
  • Blow out the flame and the smoke will remain.
    Smoke has always been considered an ally to carry negative energy out of a place. It’s also considered an agent to carry prayers and spread positivity in the Universe. Thus, smoke establishes a sense of well-being in any space.
  • Put the pieces of burnt white sage in the beautiful polished green donkey ear abalone shell.
  • Use the feather to fan out the smoke in all directions or upon the person you want to heal.


  • A 3″ polished green donkey ear abalone shell
  • A 5″ gold tipped white feather
  • A handful of bundled and loose dried white sage from California
  • Presented in a beautiful red gift box

Reconnect with your ancient practices and experience the magic of their traditions. Feel the positivity, dispel negative energy and cleanse your aura with our Smudging Gift Kit.

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