Energy Clearing Perfume Oil


Traverse City Cherry Blessing Spray is a 100% Vegan made from a mixture of powerful, yet soothing, Premium Essential Oils.

Combining 10 essential oils, Traverse City Cherry Blessing Spray is an aura cleansing fragrance that evokes romanticism, chakra balancing, relaxing the mind, the body and the soul.

The artfully blended combination of pure essential oils clears the negativity, replacing it with a balanced essence for chakra balancing. Combining an essential blend of oils, our Traverse City Cherry Blessing Spray sanctifies any space for prayer, meditation, and relaxation.

The 10 Essential oils selected for this proprietary holistic spray includes:
• Cherry, made from tart cherries that heighten the senses
• Lavender, pressed from fresh organic lavender for relaxation
• Oakmoss, pressed from wild grown Oakmoss to evoke the power of the earth
• Sweet Orange, pressed from sweet orange slices for purity
• Lemon, cold pressed for the essence of cleanliness
• Vanilla, made from the heart of organic vanilla beans to enhance anticipation
• Frankincense, pressed from sourced Frankincense, a timeless fragrance of the gods
• Star Anise, pressed from their pods to evoke blessings and remove negativity
• Rose, pressed from selected blossomed rose petals to invoke the mysteries of love
• Patchouli, an ancient spiritual scent of spirituality
• This amazing spiritual blend lovingly combined in a 5ML red travel size plastic spray bottle

These 10 essential oils blended with Cherry Quartz Crystals charged with an Angel Tuning Fork at 4096 Hz to release the powers of karma. The other 100% natural blending ingredients of our Traverse City Cherry Blessing Spray include Flower Essences, Spring Water and alcohol. The spiritually crafted essential oil spray is packaged for you in a 5ML red travel size spray bottle to preserve its purity and sanctity while offering connivence.

Indulge yourself with this Blessing Spray to clarify your spiritual environment with the essences of the earth to heighten, calm and relax the sensitivities of your mind, body and spirit.