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An easy read this book is great for anyone interested in learning more about auras and energy. Available on Amazon.

Julia has experience as an intuitive and a scholar. Her book probes what happens when we die including historical and religious accounts, near-death experiences, and after-death communication. Available on Amazon.
One of the most detailed after-death communications ever recorded. This book takes you on an unprecedented journey into the mysteries of life beyond deathAvailable for download on Amazon and Barns & Noble.
I had taken an interest in channeled teaching’s but found that only a couple had really appealed to my taste and then I came across Paul on Youtube. 
I can understand how some people are turned off by his “ungraceful” whispering while he channels, but I soon realized that teaching’s from Paul’s Spirit Guides resonated well with me. I continued to view all of his video’s of channeling and interview’s but still wanted to learn more, so I downloaded I Am The Word very conveniently on Amazon.com to my kindle app.   
Going though the first chapter I had anticipated having issues with the word Christ, but very quickly got over it after I understood its role to represent a frequency that resonates with this culture. I was very happy to see so many exercises and affirmations and I was even happier that I could feel my vibration being raised simply by intention. 
Chapter one also talked about subconscious pattering and walks the reader though how to clear and re-pattern targeted beliefs or issues, I choose to work on my fear of public speaking. The next morning I woke up to an e-mail inviting me to read at a psychic fair in my home town and I wondered if this was just quiescence? Then the next day I exchanged a blind psychic reading with a friend that brought up this event and I knew the requirements I needed to move forward were actively being called into my life.   
What I like about the chapters is that the dictated text is set up in sittings, so you read one days dictation at a time, process the new information and move on to the next, as opposed to reading an entire chapter at once or having to pick up were you left off. 
After I would process a lesson I started to notice that I would have one or more clients a day asking for reading’s that involved topics or questions like “Why am I not getting results with my efforts to change this circumstance” or “What is my life’s purpose?”  and that I now had a greater understanding and vocabulary that assisted me to effortlessly incorporate some of the channeled perceptive into my initial response in a way that would resonate with that person, even automatically compose personal affirmations for their situation with confidence that they would be supported though their intention.
All-in-all I smiled throughout the entire book and got out of reading it many tools and new perspectives on life and my own spiritual journey. Can be downloaded on Amazon & itunes.

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