Join Our Psychic Circle Live

Hosted in rotation by Across The Realms Psychics every Sunday via online classroom with call-in options. We hope you will join us for this wonderful opportunity of developing your Psychic & Mediumship abilities. Each week centers around a new teaching opening the 1st half hour with a prayer, short meditation & development exercise than uses the last half hour to give a group Reading. View this weeks topic Here.

Our Psychic Circle takes place every Sunday starting at these PM times:

Pacific – 3:00, Mountain – 4:00, Central – 5:00, Eastern – 6:00

Practice Developing Psychic Abilities In Intuitive Pathways

Intuitive Pathways is a free online Psychic development group hosted by Across The Realms Psychics for people seeking information and practice in psychic development, mediumship development, animal communication, Healing and other awakening skills.

 Are focus is to mentor, educate and offer practice opportunities to those interested in expanding and developing Psychic abilities. We post images for practice readings every Friday and offer monthly sign-ups to trade one-on-one readings with members, this allows for validation without pressure and support from an online community that shares an interest in developing psychic abilities.

Watch Our Psychic Development Videos

ATR Psychics are spanning YouTube with new psychic development videos weekly to answer your questions, share personal experiences and help others develop psychic abilities with psychic & mediumship teachings & exercises.