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In trance psychic Edgar Cayce stated that he obtained his information from two sources.

  1. One source was the mind, especially the deep subconscious of the person making the inquiries.
  2. The second was the collective subconscious of all, including the record that every thought and every action leave on the fabric the universe.

Or as the Kybalion puts it, “THE ALL IS MIND; the Universe is Mental.”


So How Did Edgar Cayce Get Psychic Information?


Or more importantly, how can we learn to dialog with other consciousness and the All itself?


Edgar Cayce learned it by chance when he was hypnotized for a throat condition and suddenly started speaking a cure for the condition. We can all learn to connect psychically as well but for us, it will take some work.


At the moment I can think of 6 basic steps to learning to open to receive psychic information:


  1. Meditation
  2. Deep trance
  3. Practice
  4. Programming
  5. More practice
  6. Testing


I’ll summarize the steps briefly.


1. Meditation


In order to hear the very quiet voice of Spirit or the subconscious, you need to learn to quiet your conscious mind. Even a minute of no thoughts or just concentrating on one thought opens you here. Meditating every day even for just 5 minutes is extremely beneficial to quiet your mind and open your third eye. Also, be aware that there are a million ways to meditate. Some favorites are just focusing on silence, just listening to all the sounds inside and outside as you drive or sit, walking meditation, visually examining a rock, and focusing on one higher concept (like love or compassion).


2. Deep trance


Relaxing into slower brain waves and again, quieting the conscious mind will give you direct access to speaking with your own subconscious. This is the area where your mind will connect with others. We are already all connected here in the subconscious mind so it’s actually more like re-learning your way down a steep, overgrown path. I teach 5 basic steps to reach deep trance which I’ll simply list here. (Another blog, another day.)


  1. deeply relaxing
  2. grounding
  3. protecting
  4. clearing
  5. setting intention/prayer


3. Practice


Your first practice in a class should be a lot of fun. No one knows what they are doing and you can just relax and learn to see, hear, and feel things psychically. It’s a lot like you are imagining things at first because the information comes uses your imagination as it’s pathway. Practice should always be seen as fun and as helping others. Right or wrong doesn’t matter at all at this point. For now just compare your answers to other students. You will immediately pick out different styles and ways of communicating but will also see a lot of people pick up on the same things or get the same answers.


4. Programming


In a way, programming is also deprogramming. We are currently programmed for the most part to not believe in psychic phenomena. However, with a little encouragement our subconscious minds respond by suddenly blooming with psychic information. To program I teach students to concentrate on the skill they want and how it feels to have it. You practice using the skill (such as clairvoyance–psychic seeing) and use many affirmative statements to adjust your experience of it. Some of the best hypnosis is done under the guise of becoming an actor and acting something out that you want to happen. I also encourage people to write out their issues as personal beliefs come up and conflict for people here as well as our self images and often the issue of whether we are “good enough” to receive psychic info. Trust me, if you want to clean out the attic of your beliefs and self-image and expand to higher beliefs and purpose, psychic development is the way to go.


5. More practice


This is where it gets a little more challenging and issues around accuracy and ego stuff comes up. YOU HAVE TO PRACTICE THROUGH IT. That is in caps because this is the place that most students either get stuck or stop. Even more issues, such as things you need to do to develop spiritually (like say, some forgiveness work) will pop up and it will seem that you just can’t make it to a development group for some reason each week. (That is one reason to join online or telephone development groups… the convenience.)


Practicing through the doubt and resistance is what separates the Psychics from the wanna be’s folks. Just keep going and it’s best to find a development group where you can make friends for continuing support. A year in a weekly development group will give you enough practice to develop consistent accuracy and then you can enjoy playing with step 6…


6. Testing


Testing yourself is what happens as you grow. For me it was after about a year of psychic training and a year or so of development groups that I started bringing in very specific information on a consistent basis.  So my next step was to ask people to ask more specific questions and to describe the things I saw and heard in detail to my sitters. This was very helpful in building my confidence to read for others.


“What kind of gun did I kill my first deer with?” was what one client asked. Terrifying to a new student, intriguing and fun (and mildly terrifying) when you’ve gotten to the testing point. The point is that by now you’ve learned how to quickly focus in, so you go inside and ask the question. The answer I heard was “Remington 223”. Knowing nothing about guns (I hunt with a camera if anything), I had no idea if such a gun existed. It was a Remington 225. Close enough for me and the client and definitely confidence building. I was just happy I heard something that was actually a gun. 🙂


The other part of testing deals with testing your beliefs. I know I talk a lot about the inner work that comes with psychic development. That’s because if you don’t do that you really won’t progress. You’ll get stuck in a pattern where your beliefs are stuck. We are meant to always evolve, always be moving higher until we cross over.


To test my beliefs I created a Holy Grail quest. Because I wasn’t sure if I believed the source of information from my mediumship readings was coming from the afterlife or just from the mind/energy of the sitter; I decided I must obtain info that the sitter did not know. Kind of like when grandpa’s spirit comes back and says he buried gold in the corner of the cornfield by that old green post and you go and dig it up. Although I didn’t find buried treasure, I did recently have my quest completed. It happened 3 times in a month so I’d be sure as I am a seriously dedicated doubter.


That’s when I realized it still doesn’t prove the afterlife to me completely, but it does show the info is coming from a deeper source than just one person. On to new quests/experiments for me.


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