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Emilie Moe – Is an online New York based Certified Psychic, Emapth and Professional Tarot Card Reader specializing in but not limited too relationship and love. Readings. She helps answer her clients questions by working with the angels, her guides and other forms of divination. New clients get $10 off their first live reading.

  • Contributed – Divination & Spirituality Emilie Moe Video Interview

Psychic Medium Meilena Hauslendale at NurturedSpirit  Meilena Hauslendale is a Certified Psychic Medium and Reiki Master with over 20 years of experience. She connects with her guides to help deliver messages of empowerment to her clients as well as messages from those who have passed on. Meilena is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader that works with her clairvoyance and the tarot to conduct readings. Meilena is a also a Personal Development Author and Artist advocating growth of everyone’s highest good.

In Touch with Spirit – Jess Steinman is a psychic medium and Intuitive Tarot/Angel Card reader, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, and practitioner of multiple energy healing modalities. Offering private readings in-person, by phone and by Skype, in addition to a wide variety of classes and workshops, Jess’ passion is to help others remember their connection to Spirit and their own innate healing abilities and intuitive selves.

Jenn Shepherd – Spritiualist Medium/Psychic, Healer, Teacher, Author & co-founder of Bolts Of Love Speaker Series, Classes and Events for Like Minded Seekers.

Stormie Grace – A lifelong psychic medium whose soul’s journey has led her to assist others in understanding their own unique internal energy and connection with the Divine.

Rev. Marilyn Redmond – has many different areas of expertise to help you. She is an international winning writer, speaker, therapist, and consultant. In addition, Marilyn is a spiritual counselor, internationally board certified to do regression, and past life therapy.

Michelle Barr – certified spiritual director, coach for intuitive women, conscious business expert and spiritual business mentor who helps people translate their soul’s purpose into a tangible step-by-step plan to create personal and business success so they can make money while making a difference.

Ann Barham – certified past life regression therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist online and at her office in Gilroy, CA, which is near San Josie.

Michael Lennon – is a cardomancer, psychic, clairsentient, clairvoyant, medium and spiritual adviser with over twenty-five years of experience.

Carol Lesh – experienced psychic medium and healer.


Diane Hall – Diane is a writer, angel intuitive, teacher and healer who is here to assist in the current transition of planet earth into the frequency of love.  She is also channel and medium, who uses her intuitive gifts to create books, meditations, teaching tools and inspired music. She also offers personal, intuitive guidance, healing and one to one tuition in psychic and spiritual development.

Clairvoyant8  – I live in Las Vegas and I love music especially blues because I am originally from Chicago. I have always been very intuitive and spiritual but after my first trip to Thailand I knew that there was more to life than money and following your passion is so much more than monetary gains.

Joe R @ – Helping you to re-imagine your life’s creative purpose.  

Rev. Dee Woolridge CCIHT, CLC, RMT – specializes in positive change hypnotherapy, spiritual life coaching and restorative energy healing.

Siela – It is my passion to be able to help animals. Angeltiers is a registered nonprofit that supports other pet, wildlife or environmental nonprofit organizations.

Celia Gail Stuart  – For over 24 years, I have experienced a lot of different types of mediumship, psychic abilities and spiritual channelling in various forms and I have  been teaching and helping other people

Lorraine Henrich – Contact the Tree of Light to discover who you really are, where you come from, and your soul’s true purpose!

The Blooming Lotus Yoga – offers students the opportunity to experience one of the most unique, affordable and intimate Bali yoga teacher training courses, yoga retreats & meditation retreats Ubud has to offer.

Find Love Crystals

Smart Cremation – Smart Cremation is your dignified alternative to a traditional funeral home.

Intuitive Pathways Members

Psychic & Holistic Reiki Master – Dennie Lee is a spiritually connected Psychic Card Reader who can assist you with easing your life path challenges. Mystical Energy Blog – Dennie Lee’s spiritually guided messages for self healing and inspiration, to assist with easing your life path.  

Online Psychic Reading UK – Telephone Psychics – Genuine caring UK based telephone psychics available by phone 24 hours a day. Psychic text service. Astrology reports and extensive article directory.

Spiritual Awakening -Experiencing a spiritual awakening is a transcendent journey that only a few ever get to experience. Let us awaken the spiritual forces that reside inside.

Love Psychic – Are you looking for a no non-sense psychic that can give you accurate information and can help you with your relationship,if so, look no further Love Psychic DJ Ownbey is your guy. – Read & Write Reviews Of Psychics & Mediums! For a directory of psychics and mediums based on location, visit where you can write reviews about your best readings.

Clairvoyant Ann George – specializes in Tarots, clairvoyant readings, psychic readings, past life readings, spiritual counseling, energy healing and herbal alchemy for transformation. Shop for hand poured ritual candles, herbal incense, occult books, trance ambient music, and healing products in her Mystic Store.


Psychic Readings by Nancy – Whether you’re next door or the next country, Nancy is a gifted psychic. With the tarot, crystal ball or spiritual reading, she focuses on things around you that you’ll be surprised at her accuracy and wonder if she’s peeking over your shoulder.


Psychic Readings – Enjoy a complete site encompassing Online Live Free psychic readings.


Starz Psychics – Live Online Chat Readings.



Astrology Junction – Astrology Explanations,  Free Horoscopes, Astrological Weather Forecast, Zodiac Signs, Tarot Cards and Dream Meanings.  My Psychic Advice – Tarot, Psychic Readings, Psychic Mediums, Reiki, Horoscopes, Feng Shui, Astrology and Numerology. Horoscope Match Report – Get your online horoscope reports based on Verdic Astrology system by We need your date, place and time of birth to make predictions based on Dina Master Psychic with Over 30 Years Experience – As a 3rd generation professional clairvoyant and psychic my experience and ability to help you is truly a gift. I sincerely care and know my destiny is to guide people through life as a Spiritual Counselor.

Top ten Travel destinations

Any travel enthusiast will tell you that nothing is comparable to the buzz of discovering a wonderful part of the world. It could be an entire country, a hard to reach region, or a best kept secret city neighborhood before it gets to the mainstream and developers move in. Sometimes it is a matter of right timing, when there is enough that is going on to make the place exciting, and before it is over-developed and becomes tired. If you are planning on a weekend getaway but do not yet know where to go, the following is a list of some very popular travel destinations in the world. These we're selected on the basis of growing demand from tourists wanting more from their holiday itinerary.


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Brazil is a great travel destination and you get to experience what it has to offer in terms of soccer stars and samba music. It is also the ideal travel destination for volun-tourism which is gaining in popularity. Brazil is also a full of juxtaposition with wild jungles, wild parties, adventure, siesta and more. To experience an authentic feel, get to explore white sands of Ipanema and Copacabana, head to Amazon and also immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan culture of Sao Paulo.


Singapore is no longer a mere stop-over hub, but is a fully fledged tourist hot spot. From the traditional hawker food markets on streets to the glamor of some of the best designer shops and rooftop bars in Asia, Singapore is a versatile destination offering tourists the ideal blend of history, arts, culture and adventure. Due to having a strong economy and the consequent ex-pat population, Singapore is a cosmopolitan destination. Travelers can visit Sentosa Island, which is a purpose built island that is complete with a theme park, hotel, connecting monorail and adventure experiences. A seamless and efficient underground tube-system, which doubles up as one of the cleanest you have seen as well as the affable faces of local people are some of the reasons why this destination is promising to top the list for the travel destinations.


The cosmopolitan darling of China, Shanghai is quite often forgotten as a popular tourist destination with travelers customarily flocking to Beijing to view the Great Wall as well as the Terracotta Warriors. However, Shanghai is in it's own league. Shanghai offers diverse perspectives, from ancient to contemporary.

New Orleans

New Orleans, a city in US certainly has multiple new things to offer. However, it's unique oddities are rooted in the tradition as well as cultural heritage. It was founded by French, home to the Haitians and ruled briefly by the Spanish in early 1800s. New Orleans is easier to access and has over 263 fully serviced and boutique hotels, 1300 restaurants, award winning museums as well as premier tour and attraction sites, all scattered all over the historic Warehouse District, French Quarter and CBD. Jazz has been said to originate from here, but this city is also home to various styles including Latin, R&B, Country, Gospel, Folk, Reggae, the Blues and Rock n Roll. From the local cuisine to jazz tunes, this city has a range of treats for visitors to sample.

South Africa

South Africa is a great all-rounder travel destination ideal for all types of travelers where one can seek adventure, romance, family time, adrenalin or even indulge in food and wine . Its improved infrastructure in the industry plays a huge part in improving the experiences of the traveler. Domestic travel within South Africa is easier and also more accessible, particluarly around Kruger region, with the planned reopening of Skukuza Airport in Kruger National Park scheduled in May 2014.


Bhutan is possibly the happiest locations on earth. Monks, mountains and modernization sum up the Bhutan Kingdom in South Asia. It is located in the Eastern Himalayas between China and India and it provides travelers with a wonderful mix of ancient Asian civilisation and a bit of Himalayan adventure.


Holidays here are all about simplicity. Despite the economic crisis experienced of late, it is the whitewashed villas, the hot sun, blue seas and the friendly tavernas that keep people coming back year after year. Even the meals are a masterpiece of simplicity, both healthy and traditional.


Ancient culture, fantastic food, great beaches and beautiful weather it is no surprise that many of tourists opt for a holiday in Italy. For a taste of la dolce vita, you can head to the wonderful cities of Rome, Venice and Florence. For an extra dash of old school glamour, you can travel to Venice on Orient Express. You could also rent a villa with private pool for a relaxing stay in Italy countryside or close to a beach,.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia is rooted in French-colonial history and yet has the strong local culture of being South Pacific Island and the beach vibe. This blends both French glamor with the South Pacific hospitality. Key to the growing popularity of this destination with tourists is the proximity to Australian soil.

Expedition Cruises

Travelers seeking adventure can settle on expedition cruises to be closer to action. Consider Antarctica, the Amazon and Arctic Norway. The Kimberley, Galapagos Islands and Norway are some very popular expedition cruise options. Totally different from the traditional cruising, the expedition cruises vessels are quite smaller to allow access to very remote destinations that are inaccessible by a majority of cruise liners and that go with no glitz, glamour as well as nightly entertainment of the usual cruise holiday.

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