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Ecumenist the Reader
One of the things I love about being a Psychic Medium is all of the wonderful like minded light works that you meet. Recently I crossed paths with Ecumenist a direct Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive & Remote Viewer that been practicing since 1993. She lives in Northern California with her husband and we got to talking about our backgrounds including her tragic but inspiring past. Several times Ecumenist has unexpectedly outlived life threatening situations not limited to a car accident and cancer no doubt being touched with a miracle not only for personal growth but so that she can continue her spiritual work.
We decided to meet online and I was curious about her Reading process, she told me that she has always been able to see, hear and talk to what she has been referring to as “the people” since she was a child, I really liked this term because for me it sounded like something a clairvoyant kid would say and affirmed that she has indeed been giving readings before she understood what a reading was.

Now, if you personally know any Psychics you know that they live to connect with others and pass along messages so of course Ecumenist offered to give me a reading and I accepted. 
Before we even met “the people” being a crowd of my loved one is spirit were already swarming her. It was very interesting to listen to Ecumenist read because she was having several conversations out loud with not just with me but with the spirits around her. She started with my great grandma and validated her presence by knowing that she curled her hair and wore gold wire rim glasses. Interesting enough she also brought up a female child attached to my energy and although I’m content with the two boys that I have that I’ve always wanted a girl and felt a connection to other children of mine not with me on this plane, she also stated that once Jay and I have been married and move that I will have a third child and if I was going to consider having another child it would be after we are married and own a home.
Then she brought up my oldest son by referring to his weak chest, being premature he did have some repertory distress following delivery and occasionally including this winter gets a chest cold. Following this Ecumenist brought up my Siamese cat (Scooter) that currently lives with my mom but will be coming home with me after Christmas break.
The bigger questions I had moved onto if and when Jay and I will be married – I was hesitant to ask this question because I recently received and very negative reading during a reading exchange were I was told I would move with Jay, we would not be married, in a year he would leave me and I would be stuck living in another state away from my family because of our common child – this reading didn’t really resonate with me so I was happy to finally get a 2nd option that included some actual validation such as our initial plan to wait to be married and file for adoption after we are in a stable financial state. 
Ecumenist and the other Psychic did however have one thing in common being that they both brought up my car and the issue with my back drivers side tire not holding air.    
Then she hit the nail on the head when she brought up my EX being my son Kayman’s dad Nate, it is true that he has never paid child support and that when he does come around it with an agenda to spite me. Facing jail he proclaims that he will voluntarily terminate his parenting rights but this is not the first time that he has asked me to do something only to neglect his end of the agreement so I believe Ecumenist when she says not to trust him.  She was also right about his mom not holding him accountable growing up, it is true that she has spent most of her life serving the men around her.  
Personally I have been feeling that my mother is coming up on a crossroads with her health within the next couple of years and that if she so does not take care of herself that she will quickly decline and possibly die so, I asked Ecumenist to do a body scan on her. For some reason I kept drawing a blank during the reading, for example I forgot the year my mom was born but remembered when Ecumenist said 1960!
She was right that my mom has a history of depression, alcoholism, high blood pressure and issues with her eyes including glaucoma and needing bifocals. My father had cancer and did not peruse treatment because of the cost of medical care, my mom still does not have health insurance and this one reason why she will not see a doctor unless it is life or death. Ecumenist made some great suggestions but at this point there is only so much I can do to influence her with her current beliefs.
My favorite part of the reading was when Ecumenist connected with my Father Bill because typically he is weary about stepping forward though a foreign energy. She was able to validate his personality and that he had lung cancer, that he was found the next morning and my suspicions that when he was ready to pass he took of his oxygen, also that he was with his friend Mike fishing & hunting in spirit, Mike lived in Costa Rica and was a funny guy. In life they visited each other and went fishing and hunting in the Blind that still stands on our property. Mike passed away a few days before my father and my impression was that his passing was heart related because he lived an indulgent life.
I have had so many readings with Psychic Mediums that spend a lot of time telling me what I need to do or what I needed to change so getting this reading from Ecumenist was refreshing because not only is she very personable but she has a positive and uplifting energy about her. From my experience I can say that I feel she is a gifted Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive because she was able to validate the connection to each person before passing along messages and worked in a professional but friend like way.
If you would like to read more of Ecumenist’s story she has a very nice website where she publishes on her blog The Reluctant Psychic Medium, host an online Psychic Circle were a group of people can virtually attend for live readings as well provides a Prayer Circle were people can post prayer request for support.


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