Leonora is a Celebrity Psychic living in Devon, England, she has been giving readings for over 30 years now.

My Question: I filed a modification of parenting time and have ben advise to get a personal protection order, should I disclose the past?

Her Psychic Reading: I know that your own instincts are telling you that you should disclose the past.  You are afraid of the consequences and getting a protection order could be a good thing for you.  I am sure you are familiar with Archangel Michael as you are psychic yourself and you may find linking in with him will be helpful as he is the angel of protection.

You will be soon experiencing a period of calm after the storm and relatively few problems ahead.  I can see a difficult situation approaching but you are going to be handling this effectively and you are prepared.  I get a sense that your well-being depends on using your head and keeping your wits about you.

I can see that after a period of respite from disappointing news you seem to be propelled forward and face the challenges head on.  You needed that period of introspection and even solitude to contemplate and understand what happened and why.  I can see that you have something to battle for and you will not let it rest until you get what is rightfully yours.

There is a feeling of having been robbed and being denied something that you know should be yours.  I can see that you have felt defeated in the past but that was the old you and the new you that emerged from this recuperation will not lay this to rest.  You will do everything in your power to get what you want and although I do not see a legal court case I do see some legal elements to your situation.

It is as if all sides of the arguments have some grounds for legal redress one way or another and this is why it has to be done thoroughly.  I can see adjustments being made and you will no longer be feeling that sense of distress and loss.  You are going to be feeling like a winner and glad that you took all this on and didn’t just walk away.

I can see improvements to your lifestyle and you will achieve this through willpower and using your powers of persuasion.   I can see that there is more money coming your way and you seem to be following a new direction that makes life a lot easier for you.  I can see that you are in a position to manifest your wishes.

You are going to be able to put a situation behind you and I am shown water behind you and this symbolizes the emotions.  I have a sense that you have been on quite an emotional journey with your situation.  I can see spiritual growth though and after delays and glitches it looks like you are going to find yourself in a very promising situation.

You are negotiating with others and using logic and intellect and you must rely on blind faith and know that the universe will be with you.  I can see you handling the situation very well and you need to speak up and communicate clearly with any negotiations.  You must not leave any room for misunderstandings you have to tell it as it is.

I see that within the next twelve weeks all this will be behind you and you can put your energies in to other areas of your life.  I sense that you have not been sleeping well and all that is going to be addressed with peace of mind and finding it easier to relax.

My Remarks….

My Reading with Celebrity Psychic LeonoraI am currently studying Angelology and working with the energy of the Archangels. After I filed this Motion to Change Parenting Time, my Ex threatened accusations if I took him to Court and than reported an extended version when I didn’t drop the Case. After Child Protective Services left my house, this Prayer Card for Saint Michael fell out from behind my bathroom mirror and it seemed fitting so, i’ve been working with him. Saint Michale is associated to the number 33 and I’ve also been seeing a lot more threes. Today, I was about to turn off my radio when I was drawn to 3:33 and Rockabye baby started playing…

She tells him “ooh love” No one’s ever gonna hurt you, love, I’m gonna give you all of my love, Nobody matters like you…. She tells him your life ain’t gonna be nothing like my life. You’re gonna grow and have a good life. I’m gonna do what I’ve got to do…

I started to cry, but this also confirmed my current thoughts on this matter.

The next thing I can validate within Celebrity Psychic Leonora’s Reading was the expected timeframe, she said this process would be over in 12 weeks and the Courts have ordered a decision be made by July 11th, being a little than 13 weeks from today.

Also, she is right in that my own instincts have been prompted me to disclose past instances of targeting for years but, I have feared the consequences as my last Personal Protection Order, just changed his approach from direct confrontation to indirect.

My impression is the difficult situation ahead is the first step, being our Status Conference next week on the 8th. In the past I was too intimidated to speak and he walked out with more parenting time than he had (at a Show Cause Hearing) because I could not talk and simply nodded my head, agreeing to his suggestion and have spent the last six years regretting it but, this time I am prepared, have shifted  into a new me and with our Child now involved will not “let this rest”.

It is true that he has physically robbed me, but this exprience also robbed me of standing in my personal power for many years, I felt denied in the way that I did not give myself permission to fully emerge and stand tall in my sense of self.

I am looking forward to putting this situation and the emotions, behind me. It is also true i’ll have to negotiate at our Status Conference, Mediation and possibly Per-Trial and Trial. With that, It sounds like I won’t just agree and i’m happy to hear I’m expected to handle the situation very well and will keep in mind speaking-up, communicating clearly and telling it like it is.

Still, I am a little bummed that it may take another 12 weeks before the energies i’m putting into this Motion are available to other areas of my life but, I feel I received signs to ahead from the Universe, have enough supporting evidence, the strength to see this though and as long our boy not deliberately being hurt anyone – it will have been worth it and I have faith everyones personal development and spiritual growth will benefit.


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