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A Sales Copy

Is the content used to persuade readers to take a specific action like book a Spiritual Service or Psychic Reading.

If your like me than you find it more difficult to write sales copy content that attracts clients visiting your psychic site to book with you than channeling for them though automatic writing so, to help out other light-workers i’ve listed and provided example answers to imperative questions to help get you started…

Simply answer the following questions and use that content to compose well rounded sales copy content for your homepage.

Describe your abilities as a Psychic/light worker:

  • Example: I lead as an empath, meaning I read energy and feelings around my clients and their situations.

Describe How your abilities will serve a new client:

  • Example: This allows me to describe how someone is feeling, read compatibility, know personality types and thus motivations & intentions, discover root issues and the best ways to approach them.

Name and describe the service you most want to promote:

  • Example: Live Psychic Readings. Live Readings are conducted though phone, Skype or Zoom (a service like skype but allows recording and no account on the clients part). With the exception of Skype live readings include a free recording for the client to review. 

Describe the features of the above service:

  • Example: The client books a time convent for them; this can be the same day or up-to a week in advance. For any booking the client submits their questions before the reading, this allows me to compose the email reading response or for live psychic readings my process involves meditating on the questions before meeting, this allows me to gather initial impressions and validate that a connection has been made, than we use any remaining time to further discuss these impressions or any other questions the client has. 

What will prospective buyers gain by using this service?

  • Example: Our intention is to always offer the information that is for the clients highest good (Example: they might want to talk about business but limiting beliefs about money comes up first). Again the idea of providing that “ah-ha” moment so that the client can look inward, understand their role, find relief in their personal power and make the best choices for them moving forward.

What is the cost & do you offer promotions, discounts or guarantees? 

  • Example: $2 per minute for live psychic readings. Across The Realms psychics offer a money back satisfaction guarantee; in the event that the reading does not resonate with client we provide a full refund so they may consult another reader at no additional expense.

Provide any other information you find important

After you answer these questions save a draft of your sales copy and either use your answers as a starting point or you can add more to them as you feel compelled when placing them on the homepage.

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