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After your website is ready to go public, you’ll need to find clients to actually purchase your services and make your business profitable. If you talk about this to most people, they’ll tell you to start marketing campaigns to find customers.

That’s expensive and instead of that, you should start optimizing your content for search engines with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. Among the many elements involved in SEO, let’s talk about four crucial ones: keywords, backlinks, website pinging and speed.

1 – Keywords 

These are the keywords that people are going to insert in search engines such as Google to find out about your business.

You will need to select a few keywords to target directly. You can use a wide variety of tools on the Internet to help you do your research like Google Adwords Keyword Planner. If you don’t want to do the research yourself you can hire a firm or SEO Expert on Fiverr to do it for you, as I did to include a pre-made list of the top 50 most easy to rank for keywords in the next chapter.

Keywords like “Psychic Readings” are searched on a daily basis and have a ton of results, making it a difficult keyword to rank on the top of Google for. Instead you want to select a few targeted long tail keywords, For Example: Professional Psychic Readings Online”, this is more selective and thus easier to rank on page one for.

To get your keywords ranked at the top you’ll need to have content associated with those keywords. You can slip these keywords into your page and blog content, WordPress SEO page titles and descriptions and to images and media on those pages as ALT tags.

Once your website is at the top of the search engine list, you’re going to get more views, clicks and clients.

2 – Backlinks

Backlinks to a website work just like reviews work for a book, or how sources work on an academic paper: they give credibility. A backlink is pretty much a way for a website to say you’ve got something in yours. When they link back to you, they’re telling their users to go check you out because you can add something to them.

But it depends on the quality of their website. If you get a link from a blank website, Google knows its crap and will ignore it. If you get a link from Wikipedia or WebMD, search engines will know they approve of your website. It’s just like having a trusted and a non-trusted source in an academic paper. The paper will benefit from the trusted source, but won’t from the other one.

Ideally most of your backlinks should be within the spiritual, new age, psychic, tarot niche. One way to get backlinks is to create a “Links” page within your website, than Google keywords like “psychic link exchange and psychic backlinks”, in the results other website owners with a psychic directory or links page will offer you instructions on how to exchange backlinks.

3 – Website Pinging

Whenever you add or make large updates to the content of your site you want that to be picked up by search engines and directories. Pinging helps speed-up the indexing process by making these search engines recognize your URL and crawl your website for new content and changes.

Whenever you have added new content you want to ping your website and can either do this yourself though an online tool like Pingdom or have someone with pinging software Kadrewka on Fiverr Ping your URL every three days for a year.

4 – The Speed Of Your Website

Web users are incredibly impatient and your site needs to be able to meet their demand for speed meaning, your website needs to load fast.

Search engines want the very best for their users so if they see your website loads slowly, they’re going to penalize you for that, and this can allow your competition to get ahead.

In order for you to have a fast loading website without restrictions, make sure you choose the correct hosting provider, one that guarantees the quality of its services and that has a proven track record of happy customers. We use GoDaddy hosting with CloudFlare, a free DNS provider that speeds up and secures your website. If you need help setting up CloudFlare I recommend hiring CloudFramz on Fiverr to do it for you.

Excerpt From The Complete Guide To Building Your Online Psychic Business Using WordPress

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