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Your Spiritual Gifts & Discovering ThemClients frequently ask me, “How would I know if I have psychic abilities? What places psychics apart from normal folks?”

Those questions should prompt you to have a look at memories in your lifetime where things occur in particular that don’t have any rational explanation. Above all, look at how you tried to determine how these occasions found that you can’t and shown, at least not in the usual manner.

That should clue you in that you perceive reality in a radically different manner than most folks. At this point once this awareness is put into consciousness, lots of people say to themselves, “I must not believe that I can do these things. It is crazy.” The opposition in accepting one’s psychic capabilities comes from your belief that such talents are somehow abnormal and unacceptable.

The most significant thing you could do would be to tell the truth to yourself.

The reality is, folks that are psychic are just like normal people in that we all have inborn talents which can be unique to us. Psychic powers are like having good hand/eye coordination or being able to run quickly. The capacity for such abilities are there for some, and you’ve got a chance to pay attention to and develop them through spiritual training, in exactly the same way athletes strengthen these potentials through training, discipline and practice.

Acquiring psychic powers is a part of a natural, organic process. It is like when your body went through puberty, a whole lot. As a teenager, your body and head shifted so radically that it was perplexing at times, but once you reached maturity, then you arrived at a more secure place in all degrees.

In the same way, as your psychic abilities grow, consciousness and your body transforms and during these times you’re able to undergo vulnerability and confusion. Therefore it is crucial to give yourself the self-acceptance support and you need through your religious advancement.