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Free Online Tarot Card Reading

Free Online Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards have been widely used since the mid-15th century to divine fortune and fate. While many believe that it is the cards themselves that illuminate the path that the future will take, the reality is that tarot cards act as focusing tools. There is energy all around us. For many people it is an unseen world, but despite being invisible this energy is imprinted with details that can tell us about what will come to pass. The world that most of us experience is like a maze; we cannot see what lies ahead past life’s many twists and turns. I am an intuitive empath – someone who experiences the world of unseen energy through knowing and feeling. Interacting with energy on an intuitive level allows me to understand aspects about the challenges that people face in their lives.

It can best be described as viewing the maze from above. With a bird’s eye view, the path to the desired outcome is made clear.

While I use my skills as an intuitive empath to help clients in a variety of ways, many have come to rely on my online tarot card reading service. Tarot readings are a guided and focused psychic reading, and they can be applied to general or specific questions. While each of the cards has a general meaning, when applied, the context in which they are pulled is important. Like any other reading, spiritual guides are called forth and asked to focus on the question at hand. With their direction, and the impressions formed by the energy around the question and the client, the appropriate cards are pulled. This is important, because under some circumstances one spread may have a nuanced interpretation, while that same spread could represent different stages in a client’s life, or in the overcoming of their challenges. Ultimately, all of the cards pulled for a single question will tie together in the resolution of that question. I offer three spread options. Each is in regards to a single question submitted via email. I will perform the reading, and when the cards are pulled automatically record the interpretations of the results. This information, along with a photograph of the spread will be returned via email.

 Free Online Tarot Reading

Focus on your question & click the card you feel most drawn for a free online tarot card reading.

Free Online Tarot Card Reading

Try a guided online tarot card reading today at a discounted rate.

Purchase a three card timeline online tarot card reading that not only answers the question at hand, but also provides insight and guidance about the near future and expected outcomes.

Tarot card readings are a great way to gain guided insight into the near future and into the resolution of complicated questions. However, if you are not completely satisfied with the outcome of your tarot card reading, I offer a satisfaction money back guarantee.

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Hi Holly. Of the two Davids I agree David C. is the better choice for my son and I, being a young impressionable boy I wanted to be certain before getting too involved and bringing someone into his life. Thank you for confirming my own feelings.

Update: I just wanted to let you know that your feelings about David C. were correct, we’re planning to move in together soon!

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