free online tarot card readingWhen I ordered my first Tarot Deck, I purchased the basic White Rider. I don’t know about you but as a novice looking at this High Priestess card, I wouldn’t know where to start – let alone what it might mean for myself or anyone else!


When this deck arrived I quickly realized learning the roman numerals, suits and their connections along with major arcana and every other art symbology, meanings and messages 72 times over just might be impossible, it was definitely going to be very difficult, time consuming and until I retained this information involve drawing a card and then referring to my book – perhaps for years to come unless, I took a class.


These cards were simply not for me at that time but I still wanted to learn Tarot divination.


Tarot Deck Tell Me Tarot reviewSoon after I went on Amazon to find a tarot deck that was smaller for my hands and had less complex artwork and was appealing to the eye when I crossed paths with the Tell Me Tarot Deck. I couldn’t believe I didn’t think to search for tarot cards with description messages in the first place. Nevertheless, they were just what I was looking for and more so, I ordered them.


What I love about these cards is that they are made for smaller hands like mine and that each tarot card tells you what it is, what it represents in one word with a positive (+) or negative (-) sign and it has a few sentences to explain that cards meaning, enough for a novice tarot reader to start an interpretation for their friend or client. 



The Best Beginners Tarot Deck!

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