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What Are Some Ideal Work From Home Career Paths For A Mom-To-Be?I am currently unemployed and 4 months pregnant with my first child. Although my husband works full-time and can support most of our basic financial needs, I need to get back to contributing.

I made myself very sick 3 years ago and developed an anxiety disorder. I haven’t felt able to work full-time ever since. I have some income from renting our basement, residuals from a business I sold and the occasional event job. I feel I can/need to do SOMETHING but, I am lost and struggling to determine the best career/employment path for myself.

We live in a small town and I need to find something I can do from home or in this rural location – and I ideally want to start before baby comes in December.

Any helpful insight on my purpose and ideal career paths or creative avenues for me that could lead to abundance would be so greatly appreciated.

Insight for Ideal career?
1) In what ways am I currently limiting and/or harming myself and how can I resolve that?
2) What does the universe and my guides most need me to know?
3) What gifts should I be pursuing and how should I deal with any difficulties along the way?

Thank You For Your Question…

My impression is, at this point in your life, you prefer to be home, especially with your little one but, I know being home alone all the time without stimulating conversation will make anyone stir crazy and when your primary achievement is getting the laundry done, you start to feel like time has stopped, like there is a void, like you’re doing all the time but getting nowhere and either start to feel pressure to do something or depressed because you accepted this role, feel obligated and don’t have a clue on how to get out.

So, yes, even with a baby it is important to put that role off to the side while you take care of you.

My impression is you took on some belief systems because they served you at the time but they are no longer serving you now so, you’re in the process of releasing those old beliefs rooted in fear, doubt and negative self-talk but, because progress requires awareness you’re in a phase of feeling like your taking two steps forward but then another back when the self-awareness required has not fully been realized. I would suggest that you find a means to accept universal messages and signs and you do this by asking for guidance and when a lead is offered, like being drawn to the clock at 11:11, a cricket crossing your path, or a very memorable dream – than, you look up the message; by acknowledging a means of universal communication, more signs and messages will be offered to guide your day to day and having that confirmation and support can really make decisions a lot easier.

In terms of what I feel you should focus on, the idea I get is about being a person of authority and looking at work that would involve some type of hierarchy. In some ways you already do this by being a landlord and your own boss but I feel more drawn to the idea of working from home on behalf of a third party business. Working from home is now a very viable work solution for many people in the same situation as you and it often offers flexible working hours, though it depends on your qualifications and the position you earn. There’s some preparation involved, for example setting up your own office space to create an anxiety-free workplace and for that you may want to take a look at different furniture options or clear out an old room, or both. You would also need to take a deep look at your qualifications and skills and from that brainstorm what kind of remote work opportunities there would be available to you that suit an authoritarian mindset.

One idea I get is screening for criteria before sending qualifying submissions off to the next stage of the overall process. For example: reviewing Novel submissions for a publisher. Enterprise is one example of legit businesses hiring quality remotely from homeworkers for all sorts of things like customer service, rental and sales agents, etc. that you might like to consider. Other types of authority I’d lean towards for you locally would be one-on-one tutoring/teaching. You can also look for teaching platforms where you can create and sell your online course. Online course marketplaces such as Kajabi (see its review https://serp.co/reviews/kajabi/) can be looked into as such platforms help you create a professional website to develop, market, and sell your online courses. The idea of working with plants in people’s yards, perhaps demonstrating basic gardening, or teaching how to grow select herbs like medicinal is also something to consider.

The message I’m getting is about rushing, your rushing to find what’s the best thing for you to do so you can get on with it but, my feeling is it will take some time for you to find what is going to work for you and make you happy so, although you will very likely be making money before December that does not mean you will have committed to one option already and built that foundation, it may take exploring work from home positions your drawn to first before you settle on one area. However, my impression is the foundation will already be in place, it will just be a matter of doing the work at home.

In terms of creative ventures for extra money, my feeling is this would likely be a secondary option years from now and involve working with people to facilitate some kind of learning.

No matter your goals, they are worth pursuing and I feel the main message for you is encouragement and reassurance purpose will be found in your personal money matters and your career is heading in the right direction, that you will make steady progress and attain financial security without feeling overwhelmed.

Love to you, Holly Joy