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Today we have with us a very interesting and energetic personal development coach, Carmen Wyld.

Hello Gorgeous Woman! It’s a pleasure to connect with you. 🙂 I’m really excited to be in your magazine because I’m getting good vibes from it. I’d like to mention the launching of my project: WyldWomanCoaching.com

The name WyldWomanCoaching is not only your last name but suits your personality, watching one of your videos (above), I saw you exploring the beautiful Tropical Far North Queensland in the Australian bush, something you really connect with and even eating a grub! For most woman, I’d say we desire more adventure in our lives but, getting out of our comfort zone often holds us back. With this in mind, what would you say is the biggest message you are trying to convey and how you help woman get from where they are to more of what they aspire to be?

The biggest message I’m trying to convey is AUTHENTICITY. I practice all that I mention. Personal Development AND Positivity have made significant changes in my life… including increased Mindfulness in the present moment… so I’m attuned to my thoughts, beliefs and feelings and what I’m creating. You see, thoughts, beliefs and feelings generate a particular energetic vibe in you which magnetizes events, situations and people accordingly. With mindfulness you can observe this and then put in place Personal Development Tools and Activate Positivity to steer your life in a direction you want it to go.

I believe the purpose of life is personal development and spiritual growth and like myself I feel many woman seek ongoing personal development but tend not to know where to start or find themselves invested in something not really suited to their needs. You offer three online life coaching packages for woman; including one for personal development. Can you give us an overview as to what that package offers and how its tailored towards individual needs?

In my Online Life Coaching for Women packages we delve deeply into Personal Development. When people purchase a package they immediately receive a WORKBOOK in PDF format and other PDF goodies with valuable exercises they can put in place throughout the month we’re working together. Every woman active in these packages not only becomes more aware and mindful of what they’re creating, but they also learn how to work with the PD TOOLS to change old sabotaging patterns – this gives them a huge advantage for the rest of their life. Real empowering. It’s my passion. I love it.

I know, like many woman today, you where a single mom but, you were still able to accomplish a great deal of learning in areas of interest. Can you tell us a little bit about what and how you where able to achieve so much?

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I regularly used Personal Development Tools such as Thought Awareness, Self Talk & Mindfulness as well as changing some pesky Core Beliefs. I also became familiar with Activating Positivity ON PURPOSE to give me that extra strength. Reiki & meditation were key components as well. Ii still all these wonderful tools. I managed to complete 5 University Degrees, taught at University in the Masters of Education, taught myself how to build websites – as it’s a handy tool to know nowadays, AND self-published 5 books. Not bad for a single Mum, eh?

It must have been difficult for you when she moved out of the home but, seeing all you accomplished while she was young, where did this next phase of life take you and your personal development?

After she left home I felt the empty nest syndrome coming on and so bought a rusty old van and started traveling (Grey Nomad is a popular thing here in Australia). I documented my travels on my blog: wyldwomangoesbush.wordpress.com

After 2 years of amazing adventures in the Australian bush I’m settling back in and now am launching what I know to be very powerful tools for living and succeeding and creating a life you love!

free personal development worksheetsFree Personal Development Worksheets

If you’re interested in increased positivity, self-esteem, life satisfaction, losing weight and more, you can get started today by downloading one or several of Carmen Wyld’s Free Personal Development Worksheets.