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My intention is always my clients highest good, I want you to find resolution first and foremost!

If for any reason our Psychic Medium Reading does not resonate with you or your situation, there will be no payment expectation so that you may seek an alternative Reader to meet your needs.


This satisfaction guarantee means that you can try my spiritual services risk free and confirm that a connection is made, and if not – consult another Light Worker with my best wishes.


Family Dynamics

Wedding Officiant

Single I Dating I Marriage I Children

Past, Present & Future Relationships


Overall Navigation

Continued Education

Career & Business Advice

Energy Healing & Clearing


Funeral Sermons

Guidance for Grief & Healing

Transitional & Hospice Support 

Mediumship ~ Spirit Communication

Psychic Online Reading Starting Under $20 I Phone, Email, In-Person Readings, Couples & Events In Traverse City, Northern Michigan, Grand TraverseThe word Psychic means Of The Soul; my work is Soul Work and with that my mission and calling is to ease the burden of uncertainty that befalls us all by helping my clients learn what information resonates within their Soul so they may feel in alignment with their intended path, find needed healing and exprience optimal outcomes in their lives.



I also work with other energies like loved ones in Spirit to pass along messages and validation they are ok, clear unwanted energy and provide psychic development mentoring and advice for those experiencing a spiritual or personal crisis.
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ATRpsychics Bob Olsons Best Psychic Directory Approved MemberFind The Perfect Spiritual Service To Meet Your Needs!

Whether you’re seeking a Psychic Medium for an in-person Reading in Traverse City, or hosting a small gathering or large event in Michigan – I’ve got you covered!


Holly Joy is only a few clicks away and experienced to meet many spiritual needs – from everyday questions to the complex realities of life; simply click the service description button to learn more or contact me directly by email or text to make an appointment. 

In-Office Readings

I offer Psychic and Mediumship Readings by appointment in my Traverse City, MI office located on South Garfield. Per-request I also make house calls and provide travel to you options throughout Michigan. To book an appointment please text or email me.


Party, Events & Groups

I enjoy being apart of personal and professional events by providing individual Psychic Medium and/or Tarot Readings to guests. This is popular for Bachelorette Party’s and gatherings with friends ad family, during October for Halloween and fall festivities, at wedding receptions and other parties such as Graduation and New Years. 

Energy Clearings & Blessings

Trained in entity discovery, identity and removal, Angelology and an Ordained Minister; I’m qualified to clear, protect and bless your person and property. Clients often consult me when they are selling or moving into a new location, have lost a loved one in-home or are experiencing paranormal events.

Reiki & Sound Healing

I complement Reiki Therapy with Bio-Tuning Forks to specifically target and dissipate past and present energy blocks. Acoustical tuning combined with the healing touch of Reiki works to synchronize the energy forces of the body and aura. Sessions available in-home or office.


As a Universalist Minister I’m honored to hold space for various ceremonies and perform rituals that reflect my clients beliefs and values; be it joining hands though marriage, comforting those transitioning, honoring the lost though funeral sermons or lending spiritual support. 

Gift Certificates

A gift such as this shows just how much you care and makes your certificate stand out. Don’t be afraid to give a gift like never received before; the recipient will appreciate the experience and not only reap the benefits in the present but, remember it as well.

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