Risk Free Readings! Satisfaction Guaranteed

My intention is always my clients highest good, I want you to find resolution first and foremost!

If for any reason our Psychic Medium Reading does not resonate with you or your situation, there will be no payment expectation so that you may seek an alternative Reader to meet your needs.


This satisfaction guarantee means that you can try my spiritual services risk free and confirm that a connection is made, and if not – consult another Light Worker with my best wishes.


Single I Dating

Marriage I Children I Infertility

Family Dynamics

Past & Present Relationships


Business Start-ups

Career Advice

Continued Education

Financial Freedom


Grief & Loss

Transitional Support

Spirit Communication

Guidance & Healing

Psychic Online Reading Starting Under $20 I Phone, Email, In-Person Readings, Couples & Events In Traverse City, Northern Michigan, Grand TraverseThe word Psychic means Of The Soul; my work is Soul Work and with that my mission and calling is to ease the burden of uncertainty that befalls us all by helping my clients learn what information resonates within their Soul so they may feel in alignment with their intended path, find needed healing and exprience optimal outcomes in their lives.


I also work with other energies, like loved ones in Spirit to pass along messages and validation they are ok, clear unwanted energy personally and from locations like homes and provide psychic development mentoring and advice for those experiencing a spiritual or personal crisis.
online psychic readings by phone appointment

What My Clients Have To Say

I needed some concrete answers within my desperate situation. I was happy to hear from her in a timely manner and I was happy to get the results. Thanks for your help, I will update you & book again soon!

Angie Walton

Phone Reading, London

Your reading was spot on for me. This is a newly developing relationship with a whole realm of possibility that I had not considered until recently. It is fun and I am enjoying the journey. Thank You, Namaste!!!!

Monica Guillermo

In-Person Reading, Michigan

OMG! This reading brought me tears, joy and this amazing feeling in my body. I can not express how happy I am with this Reading, you have given me so much faith that I needed. I can not thank you enough.

Sanely Homez

Email Reading, Spain

ATRpsychics Bob Olsons Best Psychic Directory Approved MemberFind The Perfect Spiritual Service To Meet Your Needs!

Whether your seeking a Psychic Medium for an in-person Reading in Traverse City, event within Michigan or live across the globe and want to meet by email or phone – I’ve got you covered!


Holly Joy is only a few clicks away and experienced to meet many spiritual needs – from everyday questions to the complex realities of life, seen only Across The Realms.  


Simply click a service image to view my availability or service description button to learn more.

In-Person Readings

I offer by appointment consultations in my Traverse City office with travel to you options throughout Michigan. I also enjoy giving Readings at gatherings and events. Feel free to call, text or email me anytime.


Email Readings

Get all the answers you need delivered quickly to your inbox with a typed Email Reading that’s easy to understand with honest direction and the exact clarity being sought.

Phone Readings

Arrange a phone call to become empowered though knowing your ideal life path, feel your support in Spirt and gain the understanding required to make important decisions affecting your future.

Energy Clearing

Trained in entity discovery, identity and removal, as well as Angelology (working with Angels) I’m qualified to clear, protect and bless personal energy and locational space.

Have Questions? Email Me

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Handmade Spiritual Gifts

Reflecting the essence of Traverse City, Michigan and living life spirituality; I’ve been inspired to create and share a few select handmade items that carry purpose, functionality and unique meaning for each recipient.  


With special attention to detail, your purchase will be presented as an attractive gift that created for your loved one or self and shipped within three days for FREE by first class mail throughout the United States. Upon request, a hand written note will also be included for added personalization. 

Ebooks To Encourage Your Spiritual Journey

spiritual development metaphysical ebooks downloadTo encourage your spiritual practices, meditation exercises, and personal wellbeing I’ve written an assortment of eBooks which will inspire you, honor your journey, and help you to find inner peace and balance.


This collection is intended to encourage your spiritual and metaphysical growth and help you in your everyday routine, spiritual development, ritual ceremonies, and healing practices. I’m dedicated to supporting your personal development and aligning you with the true purpose of your soul. 

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