I Guarantee A Positive Psychic Reading Experience

Intuitive Empathic Readings

Uncover the complexities of what has been happening in your life, what may yet happen, and what actions to take to produce a positive outcome. Become enlightened and inspired about life events or situations in ways that otherwise wouldn’t have been available to you. Allow me to use my skills as an intuitive empath to help you fix short term problems and plan for the path ahead. My services come with a satisfaction guarantee, which means if you have never tried a psychic reading before, getting started is easy and risk-free.

My Background & Top Rating

Looking back on my life it is easy to see now that I was destined to develop my psychic abilities and become a light worker but it wasn’t until I reached the age of 20 that I fully embraced this aspect of my talents by offering online psychic readings. I was encouraged this was my true calling as I quickly achieved a Top Rated status. Since then I have been giving readings while maintaining a validating 98% positive feedback rating. This achievement could never have been possible without the trust and support of my loyal clients who are the whole reason I got started doing what I do. The vast majority of my clients continually trust the messages and impressions passed on to them though me which is both gratifying and humbling.

How My Intuitive Empathic Ability Can Help You

Being an empath means that I have the ability to feel and know how other people are feeling. By specializing in reading energy and picking up on the feelings associated with that energy, I’m able to not only describe how someone feels but read compatibility, discern personality and expected behaviors, find underlying root issues and subsequently the best ways to approach them in other to get the desired outcome.

My Process To Establishing A Psychic Connection

My process involves raising my vibration, bringing forward my Spirit Guides and meditating on my client’s initial questions. During meditation I establish a psychic link and automatically write initial impressions that are used to validate that a connection has been made. Once this is accomplished, and my client’s questions are answered to their satisfaction, with live readings we use remaining time on additional questions, or that time can be used as a credit for further readings.

How My Future Predictions Are Made

Future predictions are made by using the information I receive to discern what the most likely outcome will be. When we look at the world it is like being in a maze; all we can see is the path in front of us. By reading the patterns and vibrations of the energy that surrounds us, my perspective changes to something like a view from above. The paths in the maze become clear, and the rout to take is easier to spot. Clients should understand that certain variables and freewill can always alter an expected outcome.

I have been an ongoing clients of Holly’s and I fully recommend her. Not only is she accurate and prompt but, she is very grounded and sensible and helps many people. You can fully trust her because she is coming from a very clear and loving place. Holly’s readings and accuracy plus wisdom, clarity and love have helped me through a very rocky time in my life.

Jennifer Rodger

Intuitive Empathic Readings

Intuitive Empathic Readings

I’m An Evidential & Modern Psychic I consider myself an evidential psychic, meaning that I seek to validate a connection before passing along answers, impressions and messages. In my professional opinion, this is the best approach, and it not only increases the accuracy of my readings but helps establish trust with my clients. Although through the course of my readings I might make suggestions, I will never tell you that you need to do or let go of anything because your life is yours to experience and I respect that. I’m here to help, and I put my clients first. What I find most rewarding is updates from my clients on the path their lives have taken since we spoke, and how my services helped them. I really feel that it is a privilege to follow your journey and play a part in helping people. Often what we discuss is sensitive or emotional in nature. I believe firmly in the ethical treatment of my talents and of my clients. I practice strict client confidentiality – I will always keep what we discuss confidential. I do not discuss information I learn through readings or from clients.

I Provide Non-Judgmental Readings What I enjoy most is connecting with people and their situation. My skills allow me to feel what they feel and to explain why things are playing out the way that they have or will play out in the future. As an intuitive empath, judgements or preconceived notions would impair my ability to connect with my clients. I do not believe in a judgmental outlook for both personal and professional reasons, and therefore my clients are can always be confident that my readings are judgement-free. I find it important not to bother with unnecessary negative terminology. It can negatively impact personal energy and it is simply uncalled for.  A psychic reading should be a comfortable experience of discovery; when I do feel the need to tell my client what ideally should be done, I will always say something like “I suggest” or “I would consider” followed by my reasoning. It is important to me that my clients never feel judged, fearful, bossed, or bullied. I am a firm believer in never imposing over anyone’s freewill.

My Intentions Are To Provide What Is Accurate & Honest I am here to help. I relay information as directly as I receive it because I feel the need to do so. Still, I would never wish for anyone to have a bad psychic reading. If you feel that I haven’t made a proper connection I honor my satisfaction guarantee and will provide a full refund.

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