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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Record?

I don’t. Clients are welcome to record on their phone and by doing so agree it is only for personal and private use.

What If I Want More Time?

If you book 30 or 45 minutes and I don’t have another client waiting, we can extend your appointment by request.

What If I book Too Much Time?

I consider a 60 minute appointment up-to an hour so, if we only need 30 or 45 minutes, you will be given that rate.

How Long Of An Appointment Should I plan For?

Time slots just let me know what price point you want to stay within and help with booking.

As a guide

30 Minutes is typically sufficient for Psychic Readings.

45-60 Minutes is recommended for Mediumship and combination Readings like Psychic & Mediumship or adding in Tarot Cards.

How Should I Prepare For My Appointment?

Some clients like to write down any questions or areas of focus they want to cover and bring it to the appointment.

I do not need any photos or objects of departed loved ones but, you’re welcome to bring them.