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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Money Back Guarantee Details?

Our money back guarantee is offered to clients that do not feel a proper connection was made during any Psychic, Mediumship or Animal Communication Reading by any Reader, in this case a full refund will be granted. Our Guarantee is limited to a couple of days after the Reading has been delivered.

What Happens After I Book An Appointment?

By using our booking system you can check-out for any service that we offer. After check-out you will receive a confirmation email, in this email will be your Professional Psychics  personal email address for you to send your name & questions. If you do not see this in your inbox please check your spam box. If needed your Professional Psychic will email you for details.  


Can I Cancel A Service?

Yes. In your confirmation email will be a link to cancel your appointment and a refund will be issued, you can also reschedule if necessary.

How Does Collecting Feedback Work?

Your Reader would love to hear your feedback. You will be emailed this link to rate & submit a public review – our system requires Facebook login however, if you do not wish to share your review on Facebook you can click the “Allow” and then “Not Now” buttons to leave a review that will only be shared on our review page. You can also leave a review on our Google+ Page.

What If My Live Psychic Medium Reading Goes Over the Per-Paid Time?

Your Reader will ask if you wish to continue the reading. If so, you will be invoiced $1 per minute accumulated thereafter.

How Long Before My Psychic E-mail Reading Is Delivered?

Our aim is to have your Psychic email Reading delivered within 24 hours of booking & no later than 48 hours.

How Do Phone Readings Work?

We use a third party teleconference service for phone Readings because it allows us to record the session for MP3 inclusion. The number is considered USA long-distance, meaning that additional charges may apply depending on your phone service provider. Anyone that can call a US telephone number, including international callers can participate. Clients without a long-distance calling plan can also use a calling card or 10-10-### to connect at favorable rates.

Am I Required To Attend Every Psychic Development Circle?

No.  If you reserve more than one Psychic Circle and will not be present or can no longer attend please notify Across The Realms Psychics so another may join – a refund will be issued upon request. If you miss consecutive weeks without notification and still have more spots reserved, it will be assumed that you have dropped out of the circle and Across The Realms Psychics reserve the right to make your spot available to another student without refund

Can We Exchange Backlinks?

YES! To be listed in our directory visit or email us above.

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