Free Personal Affirmations For Building Long-Term Relationships That LastFree Personal Affirmations For Building Long-Term Relationships That Last

Relationship affirmations are only one of the most powerful ways to shape the future of your relationship with other people. You can also use them to complement the creative visualizations you use to strengthen the foundation of your relationships. These affirming statements will allow you to describe your desired outcomes and put you in a frame of mind that renders your goals possible and achievable. Here are some of the best affirmations that you can use when building strong relationships and healing the wounds it may cause you.

“I love and accept myself for who I am. I love others fully so they love and respect me in return.”

“All my relationships are healthy, harmonious, and loving.”

“I deserve love, respect, and genuine happiness in life.”

“I only attract uplifting and loving people into my life.”

“All my friends are equally supportive and loving.”

“Everyone I meet appreciates me for being such a wonderful person.”

“I release things that happened in the past. I forgive everyone who deserves my forgiveness and I forgive myself for all the mistakes I have done.”

“I easily make friends wherever I go.”

“I desire and deserve love so I give my partner love.”

“The universe transforms my marriage into an intimate and joyous union.”

“I draw romance and love into my life and I accept it now.”

“I release the seemingly desperate need for love. I allow love to find me naturally and effortlessly.”

“I was born to love myself and share that wondrous feeling to everyone around me.”

“I rejoice in all the love I encounter every day.”

“People treat me well so I am safe in all relationships.”

“I am surrounded by people I love. All is well.”

“I am ready to commit to a fulfilling and happy relationship.”

No matter how bad your relationships with other people might get, you can never heal the wounds it caused by dwelling on how awful it was. Love affirmations can heal those wounds by washing away those negative thoughts and creating a new thinking pattern that produces feasible solutions. When you are in a relationship, you also interact with your partner on an energetic level. This means that you have to affirm that positive energy based on compassion and undying love.




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