How A Psychic Medium Perceives The AfterlifeYou will find various things we don’t understand about the afterlife, and the anxiety of death itself leads many people to ask psychic mediums for insight into what happens once our souls leave our bodies. However, there are several questions that psychic mediums often receive from clients who don’t have answers that are straightforward.

It is not uncommon for a psychic once he/she has crossed over to the other side if a family member is happy to be asked. The easy response for this question is usually “yes,” but it is very important to know that happiness is defined otherwise once we pass. “At peace” may be a more accurate response for this common question.

During psychic readings, it is also not surprising to get a psychic to be asked by the client if their own life choices are regretted by their loved ones. The reality of the problem is that they have little interest as soon as they’ve crossed over about what we do here on earth.

Psychic mediums are helping more people get insight into the afterlife with their gifts, making them a trusted resource for those who want to reconnect with friends and family on the different side.