Angel Feathers…

What Finding Feathers Really Means

Angels are spiritual beings with a really high and light oscillation who serve according to Divine will. Angels are the pure energy of light and love, and their energy is always near us. However, with the thick density of the physical realm it’s simple to overlook their existence or miss it completely. So, they send signs to let us understand they’re near and offering support, guidance and their love.

spirit contact I feathers I anglesIn this post I’m going to look at what may be the greatest angelic sign, which will be uncovering feathers. I’m constantly finding feathers on my path. I adore seeing them, so when I do I simply thank my spirit guides and angels and hand the feathers as a reminder to show up in the moment, tuned into gratitude and mindful of the light beings which are all around.



angel I feathers I signs I meaning I quoteHave You Heard This Quote…


It’s not extremely quite false.

Wings represent their capacity to swiftly carry out Divine will, although angels don’t need wings to fly. Angels have already been represented with wings in paintings, stories, and sculptures, and they’ve been considered to have wings.

For this reason, when they do show themselves, they frequently do so with wings so they will be recognized by us.


The Symbolic Significance of Feathers

Along with symbolizing the genuine feathers from angels’ wings, the spiritual symbolic significance of feathers can be seen in numerous cultures, each referring to spiritual communication, and ascension to the higher kingdoms.

  • The Egyptians believed feathers to be the goddess of truth, justice and order.
  • Native American Chiefs wore feathers in their head-dresses to represent their communicating with the spirit world, and believed locating feathers was a sign of rebirth and new beginnings from spirit.
  • Celtic Druids wore feathered robes that were ornately to transcend get celestial knowledge and the physical plane in the realms of spirit.
  • In the Bible, feathers metaphorically symbolize loving attention and protection so when a standard dream symbol, feathers signify the ability to freely move throughout life.
  • Feathers may also represent a fresh start in truth along with a spiritual sense, love, lightness, and flight.

Feathers certainly have a strong connection to the spiritual realms.

There is quite a bit of info out there about white feathers, but really angels will use feathers of all shapes, colors and sizes to get your focus. The cool thing about finding feathers, is the angels will align them in your path at just the right time to offer validation, comfort or clue to in as to the response of a question you’ve inquired or encourage you that you’re on the correct path.

Feathers are a lovely reminder to pay attention. When you raise your awareness and find a feather, it’s usually fairly simple to tune into the knowing of what it means. You may find it appropriate when you’re thinking about making a change, worrying about something or you may just connect something and the feather.

Feathers can also be a simple reminder that your angels are near and they need one to know it, to ask for their help so they may assist. Angels are always near, but as I mentioned before, they’re simple to overlook and they greatly honor your free will and are not going to interfere unless asked. So request help when you need it! There is no request too large or too small and you can’t ask for help too frequently. As long as your request is in alignment with Divine will and for the best and highest good of all involved, the angels will work to help.

Before performing a Spiritual Reading I always say a prayer asking my Guides & Angels to step forward and assist me in the clients Reading; affirming I trust divine messages of truth and integrity will be passed on though me with the most accuracy, validation and healing needed at that time.

Next time you find a feather, utilize it as a reminder that your angels are with you. Don’t worry your angels may prefer another hint… if you’re not finding feathers – request them & pay attention.

Desire to find feathers? 

Just think or say: “Angels I’d adore a hint of your presence. Would you help me to find a feather?”

Angel Feathers I What Finding Feathers Means…

I mentioned above that white feathers are the most often discussed ‘angel feather’ which makes sense as white is a common symbol for purity, which is quite definitely in alignment with the meaning of angels. White feathers have successfully crossed over into the spirit lands and can also be a signal from your angels that your nearest and dearest in Heaven are well. White is also a symbol of protection and beliefs, and the message is particularly significant when you find white feathers in distinct places.

Although white feathers are the most commonly recognized ‘angel feathers’, the angels may use feathers of any color and size. Just pay attention and raise your present moment awareness into the specific significance the angel feather holds at the time for you.

Feather Color Meanings & Messages

Here is a quick look at some of the added significance specific colored feathers may have.

angel I feathers I color I meaning I whiteWHITE – purification, spirituality, hope, trust, faith, protection, peace, Heaven, angels, and in addition act as wisdom and blessings associated with moon.




angel I feathers I color I meaning I blueBLUE – throat chakra (communicating, approval, speaking your truth) peace, inspiration, mental abilities/knowledge, link with spirits, religious protection and psychic consciousness.




angel I feathers I color I meaning I yellowYELLOW – solar plexus chakra (gut instinct, well-being), benedictions and wisdom joined with strong sun energy, intelligence, playfulness, joy, cheerfulness, mental alertness, vision.




angel I feathers I color I meaning I greenGREEN – (heart chakra – love, emotions, relationships, forgiveness), health, healing, nature, environment, nature spirits, plant spirits, animal spirits, development, fertility, harmony, unity, money, abundance, success.




angel I feathers I color I meaning I orangeORANGE (sacral chakra – sex/physical relationships, love, appetite, interest), energy, change, confidence, and ambition, success, new ideas, will power, imagination, physical love, will power, freedom.




angel I feathers I color I meaning I purplePURPLE – (crown chakra – worldwide consciousness, spiritual connection), heightened religious progression and experiences, higher thought.




angel I feathers I color I meaning I brownBROWNISH – world, stability, grounding, endurance, home, friendship, respect.





angel I feathers I color I meaning I blackBLACK – protection, warning, repelling or warning of negative energy, departure (as in a closed chapter), mystical wisdom – a signal that you are getting a religious initiation, growth or increased wisdom. When the feathers are iridescent, it signifies high mystical insight (especially if there’s a glistening iridescence).



Feather Color Combination Meanings

  • White mixed feathers and black can symbolize the sense of union, or protection.
  • An extremely profound spirituality is represented by black combined with purple. I ‘d take it as a mystic signal.
  • Black, white, and blue assorted feathers denote change on the horizon.
  • White and brown – happiness, and you will go under the radar from other or psychic damage.
  • Feathers with red and green in them or together would denote that you’re being helped financially. I might take it as an incredibly fortunate sign.
  • Gray and white symbolize hope.