The death of a beloved pet can leave one feeling lonely and depressed. Not being able to connect to the deceased pet can even drive one crazy. But do you know about all of the ways animal communication for departed souls can be helpful? If not, read below or consider connecting with Medium to assist you!

How can Animal Communication Help You?

Let us find out more about its details!

1- Dreaming

The deceased pets can visit you from the other side, in your sleeping state. Though this visit is in the form of a dream, it feels more than that. You can feel their presence strongly and notice details. Telepathy and empathy are two ways, departed animals can communicate to you.

You will get a message in your mind or feel like receiving love. The visit can be so strong that you might forget that your pet is no longer. After waking up, you may feel happy as well as sad. The impactful visit will feel totally real.

Dreaming About Your Animals2- Hearing

Departed pets meet their owners through sound as well. It will create much noise in the physical space, which will remind his owner of it. The sound can be paws stepping up the stairs, the jingling of the identification tag, the bell of the collar, or nails touching the ground, etc.

Despite reminding their owner, they even greet and meet through sounds. The greeting method can be a warm meow, a gentle snore, a purr of contentment, or other sounds. Sometimes, you can hear your lost pet talking to other pets still in the house.

3- Smelling

Your departed pet can make you feel their presence when they are around, by smell. The scent will be identifiable and so substantial that you would not be able to ignore it. Sometimes, they leave the smell with you so you can stay warm in their remembrance. The scent is a strong medium to let the owner know that they are doing fine.

It can be the scent of the shampoo they use in life – the smell of their food, bedding, breath, fur, or anything. The sense of smell of animals is incredible, so there can be no doubt that animals use smell as a sign of greeting their owners.

4- Sensing

Sensing a departed pet soul can feel like having them around you. Owners feel that their pet is coming for a visit or is already near them. Sometimes, it is a strong sense of having the pet on the bed, the owner may feel him licking his feet or snuggling on his lap. Even feeling the cold chill or ringing of ears can be signs of the arrival of the deceased pet.

Sensing Your Departed Animal SoulSensing departed souls happens by high vibration energy. The spirits of departed pets send physical sensations and make their owner feel their presence.


Connecting to a deceased pet is not as easy as it sounds. Most of the owners are busy in their lives and cannot listen closely to the signs. Yet, they miss their pets so much. Taking the help of a pet psychic or animal communication for departed souls is a good idea. 

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