These 14 Signs Are A Few Examples Of Signals Sent Out By Your Animal Spirit Guides

You may identify with several animals which you feel connected to and if some of these sound familiar to you, look them up to see what they may want to help you with, or in your lifetime may mean – and trust it!

  1. Consistently Seeing A Certain Animal On Your Way To Or From
  • When you drive to and from work, do you consistently cross paths with an fox?
  • See a hawk flying over your car at a particular stage, or frequently spot a deer in a field? 

These occurrences are likely a sign the animal you see is a guide of yours, and are no coincidence.

  1. You Have An Affinity For A Particular Type Of Animal – Exotic Or Domestic
  • Do you LOVE dolphins?
  • Have an otter as a lifelong obsession?
  • What about arctic foxes, can’t get enough?

We are regularly attracted to the same animal who guides us.

  1. Wildlife In Your Yard
  • Have you been the deer whisperer of your neighborhood?

For some reason, all the deer flock to you, although your yard looks seemingly no different out of your neighbors’. 

There’s a reason.

4. Same Kind Of Bird Eating At Your Feeder

  • Which do you spot the most?

Everyone whines that their carefully crafted bird feeders bring only sparrows and finches, but not you. You see goldfinches, chickadees, bluebirds, and nuthatches.

Some of these birds are likely guides of yours.

5. Mass Production

Now, your bees and chickens are producing mass amounts of eggs and honey – it almost looks foolish or impossible. They give back to you personally, too when you join with these critters at the level of Spirit.

  • Have tons of honey or more eggs than you’ll be able to eat? 

Consider it a present from your honey bee or chicken guide.

  1. Vegetarianism or veganism, spurred by your compassion for one food animal that is specific
  • Consistently have a soft spot in your heart for cows, pigs, or chickens?

It actually hurt your spirit to see their poor treatment, and that you became vegan or a vegetarian? Surprise!

It’s likely in part because you’ve got a BFF in Spirit you wanted to protect.

7. Seeing Bugs Near By 

  • Always getting ants, moths or spiders that you carefully and lovingly take outside?

 Spider guides are on your side. Observant and intelligent, they’re able to be a real help in the actual world.

  1. A Specific Animal Keeps Appearing On Your Path In Non-Traditional Ways
  • You got a car wash and were given a complimentary air freshener with a blue jay? 

It’s a sign if you’re seeing exactly the same animal over and over again in ways that are unusual.

  1. A Magical One-On-One Encounter 
  • Would you recall a period when you shared a moment with an animal before he ran off?
  • On your manatee meeting during your honeymoon, did the guides marvel that all the manatees appeared to love you the best?  
  • Has a bird or a butterfly landed on your finger, even a lot more than once?
  • Have you ever had a chipmunk eat out of your hand?

These are all indications that the creature you joined with was supporting you.

  1. Your Work Or Hobbies Involve Gentleness With Critters, And You’ve Got A Soft Spot In Your Heart For One Sort Of Creature (Or Family Of Critters) In Particular
  • Volunteer at the humane society?
  • Vet tech?
  • Research tech?

If your work or hobbies involve you linking with critters you have a preference for like cats, or rodents, or horses – consider that you’re brought to them because their sort are attracted to you personally.

  1. Creature Behavior That Is Somewhat Out Of Character Is Noticed By You

A bird lingering a little too long before flying off, a squirrel peering in your window or a fox making eye contact with you before running away.

These fleeting cases of peculiarities in creatures are often signals of your animal guide – look up the meaning.

  1. You Have Experienced Several Sightings Of A Rare, Unusual Or Normally Secretive Creature And Others Report Never Having Seen One In Their Life.
  • When most people go their entire lives perhaps you have seen a pileated woodpecker greater than once?
  • What about a secret weasel, have you spotted one?

There aren’t any coincidences.

  1. Minor Strings On Occasions

This one is no-ones favorite, but it’s also equally as significant of a hint.

Occasionally, our guides need to take more noticeable measures to get our attention – though minor bee stings, jellyfish encounters, or skunk sprays.

Years ago I had my first date with an older man, he cooked me dinner and while eating outside I was stung for the first and only time by a bee; a large part of my thigh puffed-up and turned red for the entire summer… Looking back on it now I understand that sting was a warning/omen about what was to come.

If you’ve had more than one bite – consider this is a Spirit sign designed to get your attention.

  1. You’ve Been Told You’re Totem Animal
  • Maybe you have been told you have a totem or a power animal?

Take this seriously – it’s accurate.