complete guide to building an Online Psychic Business using wordpress

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Growing Your Reach – Extending the Power of Communication

Psychics have been given an incredible gift, something few possess. This blessing has increased value and merit when it can also be shared with more people to help others. In the past, psychics mostly gained popularity though word of mouth referrals and more traditional marketing but the Internet has created an opportunity for all types of small businesses to grow their reach and extend the power of communication all over the world. Psychics, now more than ever, have the ability to reach potential clients wherever they may be using this incredible resource.


Psychic Home Study Course Three

The Complete Guide To Building An Online Psychic Business Using WordPress

Enables you to quickly begin a promising career of helping others and growing your online reputation.


This course and materials walk you through everything you need to know to be successful online as a psychic, psychic network or other light-worker.

You Will Learn:

  • Websites to gain experience and how to use that positive feedback on your website
  • How to remove limiting beliefs about money & manifest career goals
  • Available domains that will catch the eye and convey a message to potential clients
  • SEO for psychics and keywords that will get your found on the web
  • Simple website building tips & the best plugins
  • Resources for low cost graphic design, content writing and other optional work
  • How to automatically book clients & offer MP3 recordings for free
  • How to start a psychic network or give live readings though your website with no start-up cost
  • How to create a positive online reputation & professional low budget website
  • Business basics – how to set up your tax ID, Paypal account, and link online booking.
  • Social media, blogging, and why these are important for growing your online business
  • Selling digital downloads for extra money
  • And more…!

You can make money and help people live better more fulfilled lives with our affordable digital download course

The Complete Guide to Building an Online Psychic Business Using WordPress.

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complete guide to building an Online Psychic Business using wordpress

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