chakra balancingHindu mentors tell us that the chakras are the crucial energy centers which are present in every human.

Our chakras are the places at which energy flows through our body. The proper circulation of this energy is important to keeping our physical, psychological and emotional health. You cannot actually see your chakras, however you can see their physical manifestation; significant elements of our endocrine systems.Our chakras are accountable for managing the circulation of energy into and out of our bodies. We depend upon this consistent circulation of energy both internally and in between our bodies and our environment. To keep in great health, our chakras should be in a well balanced state.

Our seven main chakras each correspond to a specific part of our endocrine system.

Whatever we experience is totally associated to our chakras. Physical, emotional and psychological stress can trigger imbalance in the function of our chakras and when this occurs we feel sluggish or program signs of physical illnesses. This health problem is a symptom that there is something wrong about how our chakra functions.Chakra balancing need to be done regularly to maintain great health, simply as regular upkeep is necessary to the proper performance of a machine.

Importance of Chakra Balancing:

Various approaches can be used to keep our chakras in correct balance. The goal of those who want to lead a pleased, healthy and efficient life is to keep their chakras in best balance with one another. To begin with, individuals must understand that each chakra has its own different resonant frequency which represents naturally occurring frequencies. These frequencies which facilitate the energy reception and transmission functions of the chakras; otherwise referred to as qi, chi or prana. When we are ill, our chakras are not performing correctly due to the fact that they run out balance. This can make our problems even worse; and a chakric system which is out of balance fosters illness. Aside from disease, an imbalance can be due to lack of exercise, stress or bad diet. The balance of your chakras can, happily, be brought back; although they will leave balance from time to time, however this can be corrected.

Tools of Chakra Balancing:

The methods which are most typically utilized to restore chakra balance are crystals and gems, light, noise, color and aromatherapy.


Commonly used colors and their matching chakras are red (the root chakra ), orange (the sacral chakra), yellow( the solar plexus chakra ),
green and blue-green(the heart chakra), blue (the throat chakra), violet (the crown chakra )and white for any of the main chakras.

Crystals and Gems:

Returning countless years, the laying of crystals, gems and stones on the body where the chakra points are is another method of regaining balance of the chakra system. Considering that each chakra resonates to a particular color it follows that by laying a stone of the very same color to which the chakra resonates on the area of the chakra, they will also have the ability to attain the necessary balance for the physical body to be able to heal.Gems and crystals reflect light in their colors; the play of light through these gems can restore balance to the chakras by putting this light into the body at the suitable points.


Using light therapy uses light on the eyes, acupuncture meridian points, and the body’s reflex zones to provide the appropriate frequency to restore health. Because light emits detectable and undetectable light frequencies at the exact same time, they also have the exact same specific frequency and resonance required by the body’s chakra system. Due to the broad spectrum of light, they are thought about as more efficient in attaining the essential balance of the body’s chakras system.


Aromatherapy is using scented candles, aromatic massage oils and bath soaps in order to profit from the healing homes and physiological effects of the chemical active ingredients of plants? important oils that make up the base product. Vital oils have the ability to clean, set complimentary and bring back an individual’s stability of ideas and emotions due to the fact that they can affect a person’s psychological, emotion and spiritual elements. Aromatherapy is normally used to eliminate stress, promote physical and mental relaxation, fight tiredness and anxiety and as a help to meditation.


Sound treatment creates chakra-resonant frequencies and produces an experience of well being using tuning forks, soft music, Tibetan singing bowls and other means. Noise has natural relaxing and chakra balancing properties and interest psychological response also. A calming, lovely noise promotes relaxation and balance while a severe one triggers a nervous state. Sound can accelerate healing and promote a higher state of consciousness. Chakra stabilizing up till recently was a rather time consuming process, but recent advances in audio technology such as paying attention to binaural beat frequencies, subliminal messaging and self-hypnosis meditation recordings have made the procedure of chakra balancing far easier and quicker for the majority of people.