Spiritual Awakening & Our Chakra Colors

Chakra Colours indicate your spiritual health as well as your physical and emotional state of being. The easiest way to understand the colours of our chakras is to look at them as a rainbow. Chakra colours are darker or lighter because of the light shining through them. Just as your emotional health is affected by your spiritual light shining through all aspects of your life. The colours are not boldly separated, but they blend from one shade to another.

In this post, we will explore the meaning of each chakra colour. It is important to keep in mind, that although certain shades may be preferred there is no right or wrong chakra colour to have, the shade simply varies from person to person and changes based on your overall chakra health reflected in the balance of your physical, emotional, mental and auric body. Meaning your chakra colours can be used as a tool to help understand your spiritual strengths and with that knowledge, to expand your personal growth and spiritual development.


Red – Root ChakraSpiritual Awakening & Our Chakra Colors

Muladhara is the first of the seven energy centers.

Red pulls the retina forward so that all of your energy is focused outward.

This root chakra colour commands attention.

Red is the colour of blood; the life force.

It is the colour of energy and carries the promise of survival and the connection with the Earth.





 Sacral Chakra Colour – OrangeSpiritual Awakening & Our Chakra Colors

An equal mixture of red and yellow, orange is the centre of bliss.

It is the colour of pleasure and energy.

It is very sensual and awakens our sexual nature.

Orange is associated with our innermost self and is associated with wisdom.






Spiritual Awakening & Our Chakra Colors

Solar Plexus Chakra Colour – Yellow

The centre of our being.

The third energy; the sun.

Yellow is the colour of intellect.

The colour yellow is optimistic, the colour of youth, the colour of new beginnings.

People drawn to yellow are drawn to obtaining new knowledge.




Spiritual Awakening & Our Chakra Colors

Heart Chakra Colour – Green

Green is the colour of balance and healing.

It is the colour of tranquillity and serenity.

Green is the colour found most in nature, It brings wholeness to our lives.





Spiritual Awakening & Our Chakra Colors

Throat Chakra Colour – Blue

Blue soothes the soul. It is the colour of open communication.

Blue is peaceful and tranquil.

It is the colour of contentment.

It is part of the spectrum that slows us down. It aids our attention and clarity.






Spiritual Awakening & Our Chakra Colors

Third Eye Chakra Colour – Indigo

Indigo opens the consciousness and allows us to operate on a higher plane.

Indigo is our connection with the spiritual realm.

It is the colour of deep inner knowledge and wisdom.

Indigo is the bridge between heaven and earth.

It enhances the senses.




Spiritual Awakening & Our Chakra Colors

Crown Chakra Colour – Violet

The colour of oneness with our spirituality.

Violet is a healing colour that can take away the physical pain.

It offers wholeness, completion and an ending.

It is the colour of letting go of sadness with the promise of something new.

The colour violet is the joy of transformation.




For overall chakra health you may want to simply affirm “My chakra are open, balanced and charged” or close your eyes and envision the shades of colour you prefer going though each chakra as you open, balance and charge them daily.


If you are unable too or unsure that you are seeing your chakra colours though your third eye you can acquire more clarity about your chakra colours at any given time by consulting with a clairvoyant psychic reader or by going to your local psychic fair (like I do yearly) to have your chakras and aura scanned.  

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